In today’s video, Christopher Greene of AMTV reports on U.S. Delta Force, Seal Team 6 Prepares to Assassinate Kim Jong-Un.
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  • Richard Llewellyn

    They must want N Korea to react and to be fair S Korea and Japan US bases would be toast before the US can waste N Korea.

  • Abram Yamamoto

    thanks chris for your time and patience! well appreciated! knowledge is power! us statue code 2 usa is a corporation. act bill 1871. Whitehouse is a federal corporation . can’t talk,breathe, smell or see. 1933 4th bankruptcy all gold transferred to England. as collateral the human people in America! read strawman. ucc 1 financial statement, accepted for vaule. blacklaw dictionary editions 5,6,7,8. Kim Yong un was raised in Switzerland schooled as well . stage war is possible. Remember soldiers are trained world wide !

  • Keith Ford

    lmao Delta Force and Seal Team 6 are completely different entities, considering that he doesn’t even know the difference between the two and refers to them as the same thing, you can put together whether this news is fake or not haha.

  • Heath Marcum

    if delta teams an seal teams were going to do it, it would be done long before it came out on the news and speculated upon… JUST SAY”N… cant remember in current history when they announced what they were going to do before they did it

  • Cari Citizen

    Don’t fall for this disinformation Chris. Think about this from a logistical standpoint, if this operation was true we’d only hear about it after the fact. And what would be the post-op contingency plan? I don’t buy it. A Seal team works by stealth means, without the element of surprise then they arent going to be effective. A special ops team can’t hold off an entire army.

  • lil moe

    Why would you put this out for the world to see? Why would you alert the enemy to our plans? Isn’t this classified information?

  • M1A1 Abrams

    Trump done said he wouldn’t broadcast what he was going to do ,unlike G.B n O.h. Thought Kim didn’t even like his brother ,he had him killed so they say. They trained last year around this time.

  • David Racz

    The mother fuckers who are jerking us off to apocalypse are so powerful they say publicly in plain sight without hesitation before they execute

  • MrOldclunker

    I think I’m one video from dumping this channel and Lisa Haven as well. Chris and Lisa are headed to the padded room soon.

  • Justin B

    China doesn’t want a nuke war with the US China has less than 300 nukes the US has thousands it would be suicide for China

  • John Sage

    The U.S. will use south Korea to destroy North Korea, in so many words. The tecknowedgy to destroy just North Korea, and not touch immediate Chinese territory, is relevant. You can believe North Korean intel, knows this. Still, the problem is there. The U.S. is in a def. con. level. 5th level is coming, most likely. The powers on this earth are engaged in pre w.w.3. Its as serious as it can get. Any one set attack will bring the situation to war formation. We’ll see. I’m quite confident that we are all seeing birth pangs. Ultimatety. This isn’t fear mongering. It’s very obvious to the unblind. Mainstream news will report the scripts to exact quote. Mainstream news cannot be trusted. We are definitely in a serious way right now. But if S.E.A.L. TM. 6 were about to carry this out, they would not let it leak before hand for obvious reasons. Delta is a higher security level then Team 6. Immediate Delta, will gather intel., by recon in civil clothing.Team 6 is mostly hostage rescue; but do carry out the matter of an assassination. Intel. will be first step to even a single assassination. These are eye’s only classification. Especially before the operation. Maybe a team 6 associate, or delta operative will be seduced by a beautiful female mainstream media anchor. In doing so, risking the lives of their teams. This would not happen. This scenario, or any other, are highly unlikely, but it’s there, and the elite forces are trained to know this.If this happens, we will not know before hand. Their are exceptions as far as deception on a seek and kill mission. You’re doing right brother. You’re a strong voice, and I appreciate that. Thank You.

  • Ron Newcomer

    what a joke! this psyop is described all over the headlines, all over Evey media source! no surprises at all. wake up people to what our government is showing at the downtown terrorist theatre!

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