WAM Under Attack – Alternative Media Censorship!

Josh Sigurdson breaks down all the ways WAM has seen censorship over the past 7 months. Ever since headlining Drudge and Infowars as well as our video being shared by Donald Trump’s election Facebook page, our viewership has dwindled drastically, while our technology has all gone down and our fans aren’t seeing our new videos on Facebook OR YouTube, even when they press the notification button to be reminded of our posts.
While we stepped up our game massively in the two days since this video was created and got a few extra views, for the most part, our average viewership went down from 2000 to 800 to much less.
This dramatically effects our ability to live off the money from the monetized videos. It cripples us. We will never give up but we couldn’t do it without you!
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Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

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