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  • Nicky Kramskoy

    YOUR SO SO RIGHT , WE LIVE INA DISGUSTING WORLD.I WATCHED A PROGRAM ABOUT PROSTITUTION IN BRAZIL HALF A MILLION CHILD PROSTITUTES. Nature is nature but this ridiculous system forced on man kind from birth to death. Life makes no sense , whats the point. poverty and disease for the masses , filthy rich elites , with their criminal ponzi banking , Christopher i have great respect for you and your human contribution. One good thing , they all die same as the rest of us.

  • pilgrim985

    If it was my last day on Earth… I have a friend who has been begging me to get her pregnant for a long time, I would go see her and make her wish come true!

  • Austin Fisher

    Dude, I feel the exact same way, so weird you took the time to make a video about this. It really does seem like people have entered a new dimension of awareness. I feel like I see things In a whole new light. Something is happening, and it will continue to a point in which it is so in your face that you’d have to be blind not to notice. Our reality has been shaped for us, create your own unique reality! get re-antiquated with your inner child, use your imagination like we are meant to. There is much wonder to the Glory of God.

  • Mo nFo

    ALL the priests, shamans, witches, politicians and assholes in the world that wanted to enrich the lives of others – self serving bastards – murdered millions in the name of enriching others lives LOL!

  • Tammy Shelton

    you might not be too far off with the cave man theory!!! Revelation 18, and Book of Daniel speaks of Destruction of Babylon. You just might find yourself living that life.. The Most High God is revealing his spirit through this earth.

  • Victor Couwenbergh

    The scary thing is also what will happens if you are one of the survivors after ‘the end of civilization’. Sometimes I imagine myself surviving a cataclysm (natural or man-made). And then I realize that I don’t have enough knowledge or information to restart civilization. I imagine someone like Homer was in a similar situation and his solution was to compose these great poems in the hope that his words could spark some sort of a rebirth. So what I am going to do in these last days on Earth? Read, read, read. Study and study more (with a bit of nice wine) and hope I can remember it all.

  • jeronimo angulo

    I see that perspective….. we’re born to a movie and we end up learning what they want us to learn or should I say programmed….
    and then we end up believing bull crap…

  • cyloneking01

    Something amazing is happening Chris
    It’s you You took it upon yourself that the people need to know what’s being done by politicians who are lying to us so much for years now and we blindly go on living our lives like nothing’s wrong You realized that we needed this explained to us because they are hiding the truth from us which you clearly see
    The apocalypse may be coming The word apocalypse means hidden truths revealed Isn’t that what we are waiting for That’s why all YouTubers like us will continue to disseminate the truth
    Then all will be revealed Thanks to people like you Chris Thank You for doing that for us We Are Listening!!!

  • Peter Solstad

    I also have been much more spiritualy  connected to God of late. Its God shinging his light into the world, and his eventual return. “What ever that looks like”

  • George Loudon

    God could have made us robots, but gave us a free will to believe or not to believe. Chris, accept Jesus as Lord and Savior before it’s too late.

  • johnny deplorable

    my last day on earth wouldn’t be standing inside in front of a green screen. I would spend my last day on earth outside, where I am everyday.

  • Χρήστος Κλαουδάτος

    Chris from Mount Athos, my friend Christopher the thing you out side Mont Athos don’t understand is, that the steel sticks best under severe heat, search for the truth and you will find it for it is deep within your heart, you have to work hard to find the buried treasure.

  • Naseem Khan

    Does Jesus talk back? What if he/she was a real talkative person? What if Jesus was watching you right now, listening to you. What if he/she was presumptuous? How would the world like to see Jesus – always agreeable, kind, compassionate. Would you like him/her to succumb to the globalists. With all these qualities, he would have to be larger than life – but can he/she stand up to the globalists? Hillary in her campaign said that we should be respectful of one another – she might have been referring to the globalists. Think about it, she wanted us to respect criminals. Just compare the two, because of their money, show them respect but they have non for us.

  • Diane Jones

    I am doing the things I want to do while in this world: gardening, spinning, knitting, trying, reading, loving, learning, breathing. “We must cultivate our gardens.” -Voltaire

  • Nancy Daniels

    Chris you’re sounding very depressed things aren’t as bad as she believe start listening to Simon Sparkes and Steven Greer. I think your view on life should change for the better and it will give you a better understanding of what’s going on.

  • Nancy Daniels

    What I have found is that they were actual misinformation being generated about this by the CIA or whoever the propagandaists are. Today I was listening to someone by the name of Stewart spadswell or something along that line end it became very obvious to me that he is a plant. Has plenty of pictures of aliens and such but is a fear monger which is exactly what they want us to be fear-based.

  • Dollardollar Billion

    I would go and do something productive, besides I would be happy to die since i will be free in the end.

  • FromHere2Eternity

    Go for a long walk in the woods with my dogs, because that’s all I got.
    I am surround by the comatose people.

  • William Blakely

    I would pack a good lunch
    and go on a hike in the woods.
    I would write some poetry and pray to Jesus Christ for
    salvation by his Grace.
    And I would pray for others
    to be saved.

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