Jailed for a Tweet? Kurt Eichenwald Sicks FBI on JewGoldstein (John Rivello) After Seizure

Becky is a close friend of John Rivello (JewGoldStein on Twitter). She’ll give an update on the case and explain the slippery slope of jailing people for a tweet.

Help out John Rivello: https://www.wesearchr.com/bounties/jew-goldstein-the-legal-funding

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  • Evil Chars

    Anyone else wondering why there’s police officers or judges humouring this seizure bullshit? That’s what I am thinking of.

  • TheAbomidableTrump org

    I really don’t know what to think of this, kurt not having any evidence saying he had seizures , or the person who tweeted the post said he knew he was epileptic

  • Raghnall MacPhadraig

    “The Jew cries out in pain as he strikes you” 16th century Polish proverb. {{{They}}} are rarely capable of changing.

  • the Bronx Blogger

    “Kurt should take precautions” – Nazi Gaslighting.

    ya’ll really are disgusting. Ya homie is going to the Gulag!

  • John Smith

    Wow you are so indoctrinated . If you believe someone is a racist zionist jew , then you have a perfect right to say so . Don’t forget these zionist are subverting your country.

  • S Parxz

    I wonder would jews agree to verifiable DNA Tests(eg verify on twitter like verified phone numbers), and put a red or gold hexagram on their avatars, so non jewish people(ie the vast majority of the world’s population) be conscious to know how sensitive and fragile they are to criticism or being subject of satire, apart from the unquestionable fact, of how powerful they are(and boast of) ? John has laid his life on the line for Jewish bankers. Henry Kissinger’s quote about useful idiots in the armies they control comes to mind. Before any guy joins an army they should read Gen Smeadly Butler “war is a racket” and assassinated Gen George Patton writings on the fake WWII.

  • Sean Foley

    the effects of his seizure left him incapacitated for A.) several minutes, B.) several hours, C.) several days, or D.) several gorillion

  • Mod3rncr33d

    This jew sued his step mum for his Dads money on his passing. He’s scummy, neurotic, and merciless, he’s your stereotypic jew essentially. He is what is destroying our society, put him up to the normies as to what we are facing
    Also he owned child pornography on his computer. He said it was for ‘research’, just like how Rabbis suck male baby penises for religion…

  • Republic of Texas

    Keep in mind Obama the Muslim gave the Internet over to the UN and these bastards are tracking all our Info. There are several cases of our brothers being dragged into court over censorship. I thought these Jews only recognize another Jew by his mother not the father.

  • RomansBookReport

    Make it simple for people: “Marine hero attacked by lying, accused-pedophile journalist raises $12k for his legal defense.”

  • Dreaded88

    Motion for Discovery; Subpoena for Medical Records-was there a 911 call for the seizure on the day/time of ‘seizure’? Or any Hospital Emergency Room record to corroborate this phoney-baloney jew’s story?
    Counter-Lawsuit as phoney-baloney jew is (I love this term) VEXATIOUS LITIGANT, and has created Nuisance Lawsuit! Attention of U.S. Attorney’s office that phoney-baloney jew has in fact committed: both Obstruction, as well as Perjury!
    Now phoney-baloney jew must pay:
    Bail costs,
    Lawyers Fee’s
    Court Costs
    Quit-Claim Deed of all Real Estate
    Surrender of all recorded Media
    Surrender of all Electronic Devices
    Surrender of all Artworks, objects de Art, etc.
    Surrender of all Motor Vehicles, working, or not!
    Published Public Apology, or… in lieu of apology, must be video recorded receiving gaysex in front of witnesses! ANNNNND Pay for it’s production costs and distribution! 😀

  • MeebleMeeble

    I don’t think it really matters if Eichenwald actually suffered a seizure or not, outside of proving damages. As far as prison sentence, all the state cares about is if they can prove Rivello cyberstalked him and if it was motivated by racism. I read in the FBI report that they are even using Rivello’s web history of accessing Eichenwald’s Wikipedia entry as evidence for cyberstalking, which would mean millions of people are guilty of cyberstalking public figures if used successfully in court.

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