Jim Fetzer “The Attacks Are About Creating Fear & The Excuse To Militarize The Police In London.”

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  • Michelle Gritz

    BBC says they’ve arrested 7. I also saw pics of actors down there smiling and faking injuries.A dummy laying under a bus? The radicals are guided by their leader to use vehicles whenever possible for a higher impact response. I have sympathy for most of them because that’s all they know. To follow their Mohammad. We’d be stupid to not try to work out a compromise within our community once they come, if they come. Naive, maybe. But I’m not going to cast judgement because of what I see on tv. We all fell for that one. Not anymore. Unless I see them hurting me or my neighbors I refuse to say NoT Welcomein America bs propaganda. I’m definitely preparing for economic crisis, food, house , spirit and dogs trained

  • Michelle Gritz

    Jared Kushner (Trumps step son) is building a huge giant demon penis(nimrod) right downtown NYC. I’m sure he’d be in the know about the nuke out there that’ll cause the tsunami . The article didn’t show a start date but this guy has me digging into it.He openly rebuked that he’s the Antichrist.. things are spinning pretty fast right now.

  • fivedoors

    Same script as Melbourne . Richie thinks all hoaxes are real. “after Paris . Belgium and Germany”, all fake lmao.

  • Ozzy Pozzy

    HOW TO REACT TO A #TERRORIST ATTACK 1. Cry and pretend to care 2. Change Facebook filter 3. Candle vigil 4. Light up buildings with colors 5. Invite in more “refugees” 6. Call everyone else bigots and racist 7. Forget everything in two weeks 8. Wait for next attack9. Go back to step 1 and repeat.

  • The Worlds Best Gamer

    how the hell can jim know 9/11, sandy hook and the orlando night club shooting were govt psyops and not know the uk attack was as well

  • Paul Ellis

    Richie I hope you–Pay at little more respect to OLE he stated the location ! a month before looking at clues they left from previous attack no one else did that to my knowledge.
    Of course we all know they were going to attack London at some point but not where!
    Surely if we had real police and security services they would bring Ole in for questioning…..but we all know that will never happen as these are assisted stage events.
    All very sad.

  • Robert Horsfall

    do ya REALLY think that Muslims can’t eat pork/gamble/ drink alcohol / use prostitutes etc?
    It’s against Islam… yes, we all agree on that, but please consider, the fanatical extremists brainwash these “attackers” by saying that ALL their “sins” will be wiped away if they commit these attacks…
    I mean, if you seriously thought you were going to spend ETERNITY in extreme suffering, due to a perceived infraction of some kind in your life, and then someone says “ah, but you can swap all that round, and have 80 virgins instead, all you gotta do is….”
    just bear in mind, you might not believe it, but a small, minority do.

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