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  • Furher Coleman

    WASP from around the globe need to be called to Europe to kick the Muslims out! The heretical pope must be excommunicated/executed with a new Pope declaring Holy War on the invading Muslims unleashed by the ((Globalist)).

  • seapr6

    My dear Swedish brothers and sisters, I sent this to my family. I started warning them about how Sweden was a harbinger for the rest of us, back in 2012. Good to see a serious campaign, and really great to hear you call out to people like Trump. You should do it to Wilders as well. And Farange.

  • Michael Boris

    It’s sad and all, but they boast about being Vikings which for centuries raided villagers, killed their men and stole their women.
    Just screams of the impotence of today’s “men”.
    Valhalla forsaken boys!

  • Koukle Partali

    It is your fault!!!Why did you let all these 65,000 Jews who live in Swiden invade your country??? What did you do to learn WHO the Jews were???What their Religion was what their goal was??? What you are suffering today, is the result what theJews wanted. They want to Govern the World, because they think they are superior of all of us!!! First the Zionists Jews sent the US to make 5 Wars, so they created millions of miserablepeople in the arab world. then they paid them the trip to come to Europe. Because the 27 Countries of the 28 of the EE are governed by Zionists Jews and because the EE is 80 per cent Jewish, they opened the frontiers for the Arabs to enter the EU!!Very simple.The Jews want to destroy The White Race and replace it with the Muslims, who are an inferior race and easily to manage!!!They will do it to the whole world. The protocols of Zion, written on 1897 – 98 describe how they should proceed. the plans of the zionists are:::bring 200, Million Arabs, muslims, Presently there are 20 to 30 Million of them.The Jews destroyed your country by :destroying the institution of family, by the feminists, by sexual abnormalities, by homosexuality etc.They did all that to all the countries of Europe.The illegal immigrants are young soldier, they call them REFUGES, IT IS A LIE,IN INTERNATIONAL LAW THEY ARE NOT REFUGES, THEY ARE ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS!!!THEY WANT US TO FEEL SORRY ABOUT THEM. LIERS!!!People o f Sweden, get guns to chase the jews, before it is too late. The Jews govern your country, and they govern also all the EU countries with the exception of only one.For forty years now the spray us with lithium, barium, aluminum, etc,The Jews take an antidote, to protect themseves, the NATO Planes do the Spraying. The Pilots showed us the planes in the web with the TANKS in the planes and without the sits.The vaccinations are with poison, and local doctors they found it, In CHAD, Africa, in Nigeria, in India. They put fluride in the country water, they have been doing it for 40 years!Read the TALMUD of their religion, a book of HATRED, for everything that is not jewishGet rid of the jewish Government that you have, get organized, get guns, there is no time to waste.


    *”The end of the road for traitors should always be the end of the rope !”*
    -Gorrie Ozkarski
    Judas Iskariot showed us all what should happen to traitors.
    Judas showed us all that he had an ounce of decency left
    in himself, he got himself a rope and hanged himself !
    That is probably where the old saying comes from:
    “There is a little good in every man”.

  • bear morningsun

    I don’t mean to be rude or sound like a troll but trump is not listening he has been assimilated! then again the actual power of a us president is limited in a big way by the” people” that run this country…the fed, the surreal non governmental agency that has robbed and cheated normal hardworking people here for way too long. as far as your call for help i think you need to start to get it in swedenites collective head that they need to start shooting back for crying out loud Facebook posts about your crooked ass government aint gonna do anything. the even more horrible thing I have to say is my government along with your government and various other governments located in the eu have created this snafu Charlie foxtrot in the first place. most of the money that fueled the middle east wars has gone through Swiss banks your government might be a even bigger robber baron than mine. no, trump is not listening to your cries. you people are just like us Americans in a way…you have ignored the growing problem of corruption in government and now it is too late, they have grown too powerful and need to be usurped. but everybody has known for decades the illegal -legal tax hideout for the rich and Swiss banks that’s ok I don’t judge America was built on 600,000 corpses in the name of freedom.

  • Royalone

    So why are these left wing nut jobs voted in again and again? Don’t most swedes see the country being overrun and destroyed? People have a choice, they can see what’s going on, yet decide to vote in those who wish to make Sweden into another middle eastern war zone. It seems that is what most swedes want. And if they want the Sweden of old, they need to fight for it.

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