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  • Won'tRespond

    It’s impossible to know but I’m confident I coined “Bernie or bust.” The
    moment he was pushed out, it became Stein or Stupid. A better but less
    electable candidate. Shame on Bernie for endorsing Clinton. I threw my
    votes away but I’m not responsible for adding to the problem.

  • Won'tRespond

    d) The great independent candidate who stands against manufactured US
    terrorism and wars for profit, against the Federal reserve/M.I.C.(NWO),
    against Israel’s endless American taxpayer handouts, against large
    corporate/wealthy welfare, while pro science(the environment), pro Main
    Street versus Wall Street, pro fair taxation, pro peace, pro purchasing
    power(the economy, stupid), pro balanced budgets versus
    printing/manufacturing debt, pro the American people versus the out of
    control ruling class.

    Oh, wait…it’s a trick question. Americans are ignorant idiots who bitch
    about their government while they elect the next new face representing the
    bilderburgs. We’ll be lucky to make the intellectual hurdle of removing the
    cuntservatives from the senate. Hilary will win with or without the votes.

  • Won'tRespond

    “Who will win the elections?” Well, what are our options, we have:
    a) The privileged shady dealing narcissist dummy of the Zionist party
    beholden to bilderburg federal bankers and the M.I.C…as well his own
    unimaginable ego?
    b) The equally dishonest corrupt republican running as a democrat who has
    wholeheartedly played ball with the Zionist agenda while also completely
    beholden to bilderburg’s inhumanity which destroys and robs the American
    economy/taxpayers for the interests of few? Did I mention trade deals, the
    “patriot” act, health insurance versus care, Wall Street, the FBI?
    c) There’s Johnson who’s worse than Trump and Hilary put together? Or,

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