Cult Shadow Gov Arrested, End Of U.S Dollar World Reserve Currency What Really Happened Last Week!

In this video we give you a breakdown of the latest news from last week. We go over the arrest of Park Geun-hye, the unrest of Paraguay, Mike Flynn scandel, and a major global move which signals the end of the U.S Dollar as the World Reserve Currency. Ofcourse we cover a lot more but if you think we missed an important story from last week please let us know in the comment section below.

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  • Vicente Lopes

    I hope you kids don’t go back to the times when bathroom was a roll of paper and a shovel to dig the hole

  • King Bey


  • S

    Koreans are not protesting because of an ‘occult shadow government’. Whether there is a shadow government, or occult influence is open for debate, but that’s nothing to do with what the protests were about.

  • Madjid Mouas

    Fact is caîtalism culminated in its financial form and is at its end. The system will fall soon since its project to keep itself perfused via globalism for some decades more didn’t work. Question is: will the egoism-based system accept its destiny as anything else in this life? That’s showing some kind of wisdom which blind ego-centerd beings are not capable of. Which leaves us with one alternative: the collapse of the system is meant as the collapse of the world. Blackmailing, threatening, and finally going to war seems to be the path choosen by the few against some billions of people…

  • GeRm_ LiNe

    10 trillion dollars just missing? and nobody knows where it could of possibly went. WHAT THE FUCK. I bet it went to their pockets. they all need replaced. every member of the government, all of em. collectively none of them can run a country or we would not be in this fucked up situation we are in. these career politicians need to go. I’ve been listening to Cspan and watching all kinds of videos on all different topics lately and I’ve noticed one thing in every case, neither side really gives a shit about the American people, it’s all about getting their way and pushing their agenda. who’s winning and who’s losing. both democrats and Republicans think they know what is best for the rest of us and they dont. they are all rich, they are all out of touch with our reality. the problem is that you got a small group of rich people that don’t wanna work together making decisions for millions of poor people, decisions that only affect poor people’s lives. they pass roughly 80,000 pieces of legislation a year, on everything from what you can and cant put into your own body to how you should be raising your own kids and everything in between. this country was set up by wealthy people (founding fathers), ran by wealthy people (government) and obviously only benefits wealthy people and that’s what needs to change. until it does were gonna be stuck right here in this shit show just watching these assholes the rest of you elected ruin our country. and I say the rest of you because I don’t vote, never have, never will. if people really wanted to send a message to Washington they would stop voting, stop feeding into the bullshit just because you’re told this is the way it is. like how it’s your civic duty to vote to elect someone else to go get rich off of telling you what’s good for you for the convenience of everyone else. don’t get me twisted, I know why and understand the system in place, it just doesn’t work. doesn’t work for us anyway.

  • Michael Pero

    how is watching the every move of, ‘them’, and ‘they’, supposed to help you, ‘the individual’, escape the dreary reality you have been restricted too?..

    oh, apparently, it has exactly the oppositte effect.

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