BREAKING: Canada Sides With The US on Syrian Missile Strikes

The Canadian government has taken the opposite position of the Russians by supporting the bombing of Syria and in this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth points to the root causes of what we are witnessing today in the middle east. Support us on Patreon ➜
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  • MrJwyne

    Press For Truth is quality independent information. I’ll donate. Sucks YouTube did this to a lot of people.
    Some YouTubers deserve it lol, but not PFT. JK, all deserve the ad revenue with their channels. If they have a market, they deserve the monetization.

  • richard aubin

    Canada being led by a Globalist Stooge Just in time Trudeau never met a boot he would not lick .He has no back bone  remember Jean Cretien  when he said NO show me the proof

  • segdell

    I’m so sick of all of this. Pray for our brothers and sisters in Syria. Just be wary, Syria will fall eventually and Iran is next. Take care all.

  • Connect the Dots

    On April 14, I believe that it is, Trudy is making a Pakistani girl, named Malala, an honorary Canadian citizen, at Parliament.
    She is a pawn. Her story, was designed to get to the bleeding hearts, and it will.. Her father is heavy into the school system, in the ME

  • ChrisDSX

    Convincing the US to bomb your government is some high quality terrorism. Note that none of the night shows are slamming Trump for these actions. More war, no proof, just pictures and videos with no context at all. Trump got chumped!

  • salvee Luna

    press for truth hour can I send you donation… I can’t commit to a monthly payments but I can help every chance I get….. you have the attention of many of us…..we need to start putting together a resistance now…… let me know on both topics

  • Charlotte Aaron

    Mercenaries are mercenaries and will always work for who pays more. BUT if Obama and Trump are “puppets” and so is everyone else after…then who’s the puppet master? Obama is truly the master mind behind the majority of what’s happening today. There are many players involved but Obama is the leader of them. While I do not agree in ever arming or funding mercenaries because that is how ISIS was created but if your implying at all that this was staged then guess who’s behind it? You say Assad is not suicidal. Assad has the intent to be suicidal by being an ally with Iran who threatens Dark Days to Western Policies which is threat of HEMP attack and would melt down core reactors and have high altitude plumes of radioactive bursts into the Jetstream and would turn the planet into a radioactive wasteland. Being an ally with a state that is threatening to suicide bomb the world for politics is the very definition of suicidal. It is in the best interests of the ally of Assad to make aggression in terrorism appear as a victim of US terror to institute global regime change of totalitarianism and the NWO through Dark Days. Iran works with N. Korea for the right price for nuclear weapons intel sharing. So while you can point the fingers at Trump because of the possibility that he is arming someone who is committing terrorism why can you not point your fingers without bias in both directions? Here are the facts, Obama and Iran arm and fund terrorism purposely for political gain of regime change. Create war to end war. Create war to show a one force power needed to bring world order called The New World Order. The rebels were being trained, armed, and funded through Obama. Trump has been accused by Assad of invasion for bringing in United States troops! So if it is in Assad’s interest to not have the rebels then why is Trump being accused of an act of war for bringing in US troops instead?? Which is it Assad? How can America truly stop terrorism without reliable trust worthy troops on the ground? So while you accuse Trump of Rebels, I ask you then why is it an act of war to bring our own? In Iraq we pulled out and left the mercenaries to radicalize into ISIS. If we do not have troops there how can we stop it at all in the first place? Will they not radicalize faster and sooner? When you think about it..Assad doesn’t really leave Trump with choices for what’s for the best. And if the rebels set up Assad then why will he not allow reliable US troops to disarm and replace them without declaring it invasion? I believe the expression is, you can’t have your cake and eat it too.

  • Gerald Parker

    Does Prez; Tramp use toiler paper, or does he just summon Justin Trudeau to wipe his arse with his servile tongue?

  • szczy1234

    it proves how stupid is trump anf trudeau . these two idiots suck the jewish cock that destroys the whole world. when this fucking jewish bulshit will end. we have no money to help the needy in canada and this fuvking idiot wants to spend money to exterminate other people. i hope our Lord Jesus will allow these two war mongers suffer perpetual hemorrhoids and diarrhea. amen

  • Jhere McKenzie

    …isn’t that the truth… it did NOT matter who got in… it is taking place now… Trump has been compromised ~

  • Jacqueline Worthington

    Assad has no reason to attack his people who want him as their leader. Ask yourself the question who benefits from these alleged attacks.

  • Annie's Channel

    obama started with Egypt but the army took over n Obama told them to put the leader he supported back but they refused? Do I remember right?

  • catbgood 53

    Do you think every one of these globalist are drooling to get the Golan Heights, is there that much oil and gas? The New World Order is Winning and it isn’t The Rebublic, It isn’t Americans, It isn’t even Islam, The friggin 1% Wealthy Powerful SOBs are taking the planet over.

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