Ochelli Effect 04/06/2017 Jordan Maxwell Exposes his detractors along with other darkness.

Ochelli Effect
04/06/2017 Thursday – Jordan Maxwell Exposes
his detractors along with other corners of darkness.
Where did the Name Jordan Maxwell come from?
Is there a ritual in motion on a global scale?
already in progress? Is blood traded for oil?
Or is Oil actually Blood? The weapons of many wars
are in play, and The first reports of missle strikes
on Syria. The Real Jordan Maxwell

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  • American Mysteries & Conspiracies

    What a handled and pimped out piece of shit ! “Rabbi gave me my name” this scum bag told Jeff Rense ! LMAO 🙂 Go fuck yourselves and the loose pussy Jewish porno Trump family you white trash alt media bow down to ! Ask him about his prostitution at the NBC headquarters in Los Angeles, Jan Irvin spotted him there. YOU are stupid sheep being led by Masonic ass wipers like this Sitchin following scum bag Russel Pine.

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