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Richie reviews the Sunday papers and looks back at last weeks US election. He also talks about Richard Branson and the privatisation of the NHS, Jeremy Corbyn’s refusal to accept that not everyone concerned with mass migration is racist and much more. Please support the show by donating at

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  • Shores Of the East

    Sweet Leaf is Legal in Massachusetts… Instead of business owners paying
    50% we will pay 15% flat tax… Sorry Richie…. Trump is a Master
    Builder… The public spoke, if you were here you can feel the energy….
    🌬✨🇱🇷🌗💃…. Somber are the Clinton supporters and Silent Triumph for
    the Trump supporters…. Trump plays the fool well ….

  • TheOrionStargazer

    I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. Trumps not gonna come out again
    before he’s in office and scare off the clintons before he can have them
    indicted. As far as his policies, only time will tell. Lets see what
    happens. I still think you and david have no clue wtf is going on over
    here. I mean, you’ll believe whatever you want too and that’s fine. But, I
    voted for Trump and I’m waiting to see what he does, because if it becomes
    obvious that he’s not going to do anything then the people will rise up and
    take this shit back. Our patience is getting thin. I mean all this bitching
    is getting us nowhere. Noone really knows wtf he’s going to do. He’s an
    agent of Chaos, I’m all for that. Thanks for your opinion though, Your
    fears are noted and we will see where this all goes.

  • Cosmic Kitten

    No he will not go after Clinton and he is already back peddling on every
    single promised issue AnD a $25billion wall and the cost of that wall all
    of which (?) LOL Mexico will pay for lololol

  • Leigh Walton

    So great YOI are having Cathy O’Brien on tomorrow. Please talk to her about
    solutions- including the wonders of the human brain and how she was able to
    cure her own cataracts just with the power of her mind :-)

  • Chemical Trails

    Jeez Richie, you’re starting to sound like the BBC and The Young Turks and
    all these discredited outlets… Trump is not even into office yet, we
    still have another two months!
    Right now i feel that Trump is sucking up to all these scumbags because he
    knows if he ever is going to get his head blown off, these next two months
    would be the perfect time for someone to do it!
    I have faith that his tune will change once he is securely in office. Not
    saying the guys perfect.. but you are slating him before he has even had a
    chance to make any official changes.

  • Playingwith3D

    I don’t trust any politician, but under Trump I am less worried about
    thermonuclear war with Russia. Christ, Hillary was threatening Russia
    directly in her campaign. And what boggles the mind is the peace loving
    dems didn’t hear any of that at all.
    Now these same “peaceful protesters” are out on the streets burning their
    own nation and beating the hell out of people who they suspect of being
    Trump supporters. .

  • Kell 138

    I have BPD so a highly suspicious person so I thought what IF it was a
    really far fetched conspiracy and Trump was playing a part but then I
    thought that couldn’t be true because the media were so against him BUT
    they never reported on things like the tax plan before the election.

  • SilverSpike11

    What do you want Donald to do. Right now with all this paid protestors out
    rioting. Just come out and say he is going to throw Hillary in jail. That
    would go over just fucking smooth I am sure. Wake the fuck up.

  • Questfortruth

    Well, for a more stable and secure Europe, get NATO the hell out of there
    then!THEY’RE what’s destabilizing Europe!

  • question ade

    Corbyn is being groomed as the next PM that is blatently obvious. He even
    looks like Sanders slightly younger brother. He’s already attracting the
    same sort of kids as Sanders fooled. I’m not sure who is dumber Corbyn or
    his fans?

  • WilliamMorgan1776

    i agree that Trump was meant to win all along – there’s no way a person
    like Hillary could’ve been desirable in the office even for the

  • nutzforart

    Capehart chocked up because of the fear that the KKK robes are being dusted
    I live in OR, protestors are REAL, their fear is REAL.
    The police are inciting the violence. the Portland mayor declared all
    protests as riots, as as such deemed illegal.
    My daughter was at the first protest. She left when she saw police roll up
    in riot gear. As she walked back to her car alone, a red Trump Hat followed
    her yelling at her, “When Trump gets inaugurated , I can rape any of you I
    want.”. That on the same day he openly gay friend got beat up by Trump
    supporters, the next day, two of her friends, a gay married couple, had a
    note left on their door “your kind not welcome anymore”.
    This is REAL. Trump has done nothing to keep his racists n bigots I’m the
    These stories are why people are protesting, the bigotry has already
    causing havoc, n nobody is acknowledging it.


    Once he is in office we will know his intentions very quickly, remember
    Obombers election promises, I don’t want your guns ? I will bring our
    troops back home, he sent an extra 30,000

  • Matt x69x

    I love that “little England” let’s see some of these tossers walk its
    length and breadth… see you in a couple of months, mind you don’t die of
    exposure in the north.

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