What You Need To Know About North Korea and Trump?

In this video, we go over all the latest breaking news surrounding North Korea and the inevitable action that the U.S and Donald Trump will take. China and Russia are also involved in this international scenario and we give you break down and what previously happened between these global forces.

What’s Really Happening In North Korea

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  • Jan G

    I have contacted someone who lives in North Korea.He have a YouTube channel and makes daily videos from his life there! I contacted him via instagram and asked what happen there now. I am waiting for an answer now!! =O Let see what he say

  • swordoftruth

    Perfect distractions from the disfunctional and pathetically managed US economy and its imminent collapse. All brought to us by the Deep State Satanists.

  • Killa Watt

    Is everyone here gone crazy? North Korea is a country that is in severe need of liberation. I commend an administration that is willing to do something about the atrocities being commited in that country. With 150k Chinese troops on the North Korean border and US ships off the Coast of the North Korean peninsula we may be seeing a joint effort to finally put an end to North Korea’s reign of terror on its people and surrounding countries. China included. We may see airstrikes from the US with the Chinese as ground support for annexation of the country by the Chinese government. Reason this is possible is both sides would have vested interest in such an operation or it could be what fake news media is saying and Trump has gone rogue with the military (which is downright stupid to even say) and the Chinese are just protecting the border from refugees. I don’t the latter is the real thing that’s going on.

  • Contagiously Awake

    No more Kim Jong-un, no more Assad, No more pedos, no more health care, no more fiat, no more fiat, no more terrorist, NO MORE BS!

  • Pro Lifer

    Like it said to create a big conflict:
    1-You have to create a problem (started false flag in Syria, Trump strikes Syria, Now pushing NCorea , create a high tension )
    2-People will ask for a solution. (We are now so afraid we put our faith in Trump to protect people and solve the problem )
    3- And here they are: They start a world wide war telling us they had no choice and they had to protect us.
    All this was predictable.

  • Louloe De'Palma

    The coal shipment cancelation everyone keeps speaking of, isn’t something new. They have done this in the past.
    Feb 16th of this year, Yonhap: China rejects coal shipment from North Korea
    Trying to figure out why and what they are plucking from the past to make it look worse then it is.
    DOD says China never moved any troops, as others are reporting they are.
    Starting to look like a lot of hype just so people get behind the cause, even though others countries aren’t really or fully on board.

  • DarkFlaze

    Does Trump really think he can dine with the Chinese President and just expect complete loyalty? If Trump attacks North Korea, China is going to defend them.

  • Hobgoblin1975

    Heres whats going to happen, nothing, absolutely nothing , you know why ? Well they didn’t do shit before when the Norks didn’t have nukes, they sure as shit aren’t going to now and risk getting a city vaporized

  • no.reply

    let’s talk about how we are fighting Syria and North Korea for *ISRAEL* Operation Orchard…North Korea and Syria were working on nuclear weapons in Syria. Also ISRAEL thought it had no oil till it found billions of barrels of oil in Golan which boarders Syria recently. North Korea is trying to make a nuclear middle East which is the biggest threat to ISRAEL and the plan for GREATER ISRAEL. we won’t hear these points also ISRAEL has conducted multiple airstrikes and assassination missions on the government of Syria who is in a civil war. Kushner is the problem his globalist Zionist mind state is corrupting Trumps Presidency he has to go

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