The Crazy Trump Policy and Flip Flop Explained

In this video, we go over all the latest breaking news on Donald Trump’s major policy shifts as which many people are seeing as flip flops on what he promised during this campaign. Of course, we tell you the latest news from North Korea, what to expect in the future.

Wesly Clark Confrontation Video

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  • SkyBlueAugust

    Trump is a Gemini with Uranus conjunct his Sun in the 10th house, opposing his Moon.  He’s always going to do emotionally based sudden reversals. Yikes!

  • Some One

    Also, Russia has a huge defense base in Syria that is the only Russian force in the region…the big banks really don’t like this balance of power…

  • Marc Gottlieb

    It’s about the petrodollar or live on 50 percent of the dollar it is now..The Rothchilds are now behind him. End of story..

  • OfficialDilch

    A part of me thinks that maybe trumps family and or life was threatened if he didn’t comply with the deep state. Why else would he expose them to the extent he did? But another part of me just thinks it was all manipulation from the beginning… What do you think Luke?

  • Kathy Goodwin

    Luke, you are absolutely correct in your analysis!! I just wish that millions of people could hear you!!!

    Our MSM is extremely busy brainwashing dumb Americans….and frighteningly, it seems to be working!!! Keep up the great work!!!

  • Lonewolfoperations

    free energy means freedom you thought the petrol dollar was a problem. i think if Russia or America lose influence they will release the technology

  • Kayzef2003

    Trump just dropped the biggest non-nuclear bomb.

    Trump supporters will not be able to look themselves in the eye by next weekend at this rate.

    Biggest con ever!

  • Joe Schmoe

    luke you are the most fucked up dude all you spew is alex jones style news you get your news from wacky websites you are a moron the government should arrest you for fake news

  • Chris Hamilton

    Free energy options are not on the table because the viable ones can be weaponized such as hydrogen and fuel cell tech. If we also just got off petroleum we have to reckon with the thousands of other uses that petroleum yields such as plastics, pharmaceutical and other petro-chemical products that span over every perceivable product sector on planet earth. If we get off coal, we do not have enough real estate to transfer that from solar panels to the grid unless you want it beamed to earth and permeate the atmosphere. A real problem.

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