Happiness is a Decision and a State of Mind

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  • Brent Bolinger

    Love these videos, love the message, love your attitude. Keep up the good
    work. You’re making a huge impact. Peace.´╗┐

  • Luke LeMire

    Whenever a leftist-tidal wave hits me while driving, I often ventilate via
    cellphone video.. Usually fixes the problem! Spot-on advice. Makes me
    consider posting my videos. Haha. Be well´╗┐

  • Sandy Sparacino

    Thank you for all your words of inspiration. Now more than ever I need to
    reflect. I am having a troubled period in my life and it seems to have been
    here for about 21 years. Thanks again´╗┐

  • Aerish the 6D being

    Chris, thank you so much for spreading positive and light thru your
    message. That is the ‘real truth’! so much things we see and hear today are
    fed up with negativity. most of people dont even realize they are making
    realities fearful feeling fear… The fact that you’re also experiencing
    ‘miracles’ is showing you so much evidence already, that there’s indeed
    cosmic grace, and that we are all ONE.´╗┐

  • River City MOVERS (Michael Anenberg)

    You sound like Donald Trump in this video. I this……….I that………I
    am……..I am……….
    But I like it. Thanks Chris. Stay in Grace.´╗┐

  • RLD Knight

    Some people have a mind set of a baby……with that being said those
    programs on tv, music, or media, put people in the twilight zone ….tunnel

  • EDEN'S Gaming VAULT

    Thank You ! for this video & your views on happiness, it gives me a better
    understanding on how to deal with my depression. It helps & I appreciate it
    , you taking time to talk about this very important subject .Thanks Again.´╗┐

  • Vince Braden

    true happiness is a world without mindless liberals looking down on
    everyone from their high thrones made of lies and fantasy! but at least
    they keep hell in business and Satan a happy devil. we need to throw out
    every politician in office today and hit the reset button and start again,
    fresh and new. and have it ACTUALLY be a govt OF the people, BY the people,
    and unconditionally and completely FOR the people´╗┐

  • Franke Andrew

    Amen Christopher, being happy is a choice. when I was younger, I
    experienced alot of hardships and saddness. as I grew older and wiser I
    learned sustaining a positive attitude was more a choice than anything. For
    the past 5 years I’ve helped a family in Nigeria to survive. a place with
    little to no infrastructure, power and water. Through my help I’ve come to
    appreciate what we have in america. I have a $30,000 a year and living
    modestly I’ve been able to help a family for 5 years. This summer I will be
    bringing a nigerian woman to america through marriage. Thanks for this
    video, it really hits home for me.´╗┐

  • Steve Brown

    i was listening to Toni Robbins yesterday and heard him say nearly the
    exact same thing. Its refreshing to hear you also share his way pf
    thinking. success to life is in giving. Freedom is the goal and i want us
    all to be free. Thanks Christopher this video made me sit up in bed and
    feel happy, positive and very grateful for what i have.´╗┐

  • Tom McGivern

    That’s kinda back to the fact that perception is our reality I think .
    However we don’t all have I pads or designer clothing . let’s not forget
    about poverty in America . Great video .´╗┐

  • Pat Riot

    you’re growing and it’s showing on your shows I thought these were your
    best work before but I see you have greater happiness and success ahead of
    you thanks brother you surpass all barriers racial financial spiritual etc
    great work you and the whole amtv´╗┐

  • connor nimmo

    Hey Chris, give me some grace and hook it up with a year subscription of
    AMTV on demand! Lol
    Keep up the amazing work man. You’re a pillar of truth.´╗┐

  • thx 1138

    For me me Happiness is having my prostate milked by a hot femdom madam! and
    briefly forgetting and letting go of self and ego, with a break from all
    the problems with no workable solutions that alternative media like telling
    us all about …´╗┐

  • Trevor Miller

    great video today brother. it is my birthday today and I too live here in
    Phoenix. it’s exactly what I needed to hear today, thank you.´╗┐

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