Max Igan “If Brexit & Trump Don’t Deliver What People Expect, We Might See A Total Awakening!”

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  • reffoelcnu alouncelal

    To many of the alt media have jumped onto the bandwagon that trump is a
    saviour ,,, ,,but on the other hand I would have voted for trump if it
    meant stopping clintons bid for the top

  • lily blossom

    popular vote, the vote of the people, did not elect Trump. The electoral
    college elected Trump. The electoral college is easy to manipulate to get
    the puppet of tptb choice in office. no matter which way it would have
    gone, it’s true, they win.

  • lily blossom

    anyone that goes against what they want have to know they could wind up
    dead and it’s doubtful that trump is a self-sacrificing individual. no one
    that gets to that level will not be controllable. his election could very
    well have been about chaos. a new civil war. ww3. but even if not for sure
    as the sun will shine tomorrow, it’s going to be more bs.
    i think that they used him and he thought he was just going to run to
    create some chaos and clinton slides into office. but they decided instead
    to put him in and it’s not like he can say no…clinton is forced to sit
    down unless they call to further chaos. it’s not like she has any real
    power without them. i believe all were in on it to a degree but again tptb
    hold all the cards and they don’t tell them everything.

  • Allen Parsens

    I believe that Max is a good guy but I disagree with just about every point
    he made. 1. Trump is out of left field. No he isn’t. He is a life long
    member of the same club as Hilary. What would make Max think this? He
    should take a look at trump’s history before making such a comment. We are
    late in the day. The whole of the political process is controlled. Not some
    of, not most of but all. There was a newspaper article in February of this
    year. It said that the wealthiest 64 people owned half the world. Once
    again, we are late in the day of this NWO plan. 2. trump could do the right
    thing ….all of this part of the interview is pure fantasy. Trump is a
    company man. Once again just look at his history. 3. We don’t know yet how
    corrupt he is we just have to wait and see. Max, he has a history. His
    history is working with the jews. His children have all married jews. his
    cabinet is going to be full of jews. They are not going to show him any
    pictures. They are not going to threaten him. He was asked to run and fail.
    he never expected to be president. The internet hit Clinton so hard that
    they had to change to Trump. He won’t be doing anything unless it has been
    cleared first. Well, that is as long as I want to continue. I will just add
    one last point in regards to Black Lives matter. Lets start Goy lives

  • nutzforart

    Pence is the real threat. He won’t do jack. We just stepped back 70
    yrs.Thats the elite ‘s way, we got to choose between The New Shit Sandwich
    or The Old Shit Sandwich.

  • bo ptah

    Max is a fool. Trump has made his election promises 3 weeks before the
    election at gettysberg, and he will implement them in the first 100 days..
    This is not Max’s specialist subject.

  • John David

    I hate Richie’s modest hard man PC thing, not wanting to be ‘sexist’ etc.
    What a big girl’s blouse he is at times.

  • TimGMashups

    corbyn and sanders are good real people with the right idea ! stop this
    nonsense of putting any and every politician in the ‘elite’ camp

  • angela tate

    Max, they don’t even have to have ‘dirt’ on the likes of Trump, creatures
    like him are of the same ilk as the ones in the shadows and they’re
    extremely willing parties in all this, we’re dealing with entities here
    that aren’t like us, they’re not human.

  • Mark Heath

    What is all this shit about an awakening?? All you Ickey people talk this
    nonsense, I’ve been waitin for years for this and nothing!

  • Texas Shrugged Book

    My latest video on my channel takes this concept one step further and
    provides a 11 point list of what Trump must do if he is for real and not a
    puppet. If he does not “do the list” then political reality will finally be

  • Azez Alazez

    The two parties should be almost identical, so the American people can
    throw the rascals out at any election without leading to any profound or
    extensive shift of policy.
    Carroll Quigley

  • Elizabeth Raynor. Short

    In USA the protests are orchestrated and the protestors are paid by Soros.
    They are to told what to do and chant. Signs same everywhere. Transported
    by the organizers/bosses on the ground, etc. It is BS.

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