MOAB Released! Have We Reached The Tipping Point?

The mother of all bombs as it’s often referred to as was just dropped on Afghanistan by the Trump administration and in this video Dan dicks of Press For Truth goes over some of the global implications this may have as tensions continue to brew in the middle east and in north Korea!
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  • LuridContent

    Wow. Hard hitting news. He said Iraq instead of Syria. Oh well, let’s take a look at what’s going on in Canada…. oh.

  • jerry kirkpatrick

    What the actual fuck? Really what are you actually saying? All you did was state the blatantly fucking obvious. Wow you are moron. No news once again.

  • allslaves dollarbanks

    Made up enemies, Trump accidentally say Israel when ordering air strike, sick of troublemakers controlling government and asking for involvement in wars, one after other, next Iran, which will be ultimate quagmire, and fuse for WW3, drop on Netanyahu please, man is dangerous and insane, condemning presidents speaking to congress, claiming nonsense Iraq to all others, wars not meant to win just go on and one, no peace possible while they rule us. Alright politely ask to disarm first, then drop if don’t, sure retaliate with stuxnet killswitch attack, like Snowden warned. Offensive enough?

  • Pam Vredenburg

    Good Job Dan, you might consider having friends download your video and post it to their channels. Just a thought to keep your content.

  • BiddieTube

    A few people just got rich when they dropped that bomb. And every time they drop another, those people well get re-rich each time.

  • Adrian Fernández

    Dude i been watching your channel for a while now .i noticed to you make a big deal of shit we already know !its about power over our enemies !..better them then us .if you don’t agree just go live where you think it’s better for you to live your life .stop being a dramatic whore attention seeker .fuck this channel ..I’m out

  • Free That's funny

    Trumps playing with his new toys. WHAT! You think he was any different lol silly sheep! The only way around them now is to pass paper notes to each other, because the Internet is corrupt. This would be funny if it wasn’t true.

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