Breaking: Canadian Government Wants To Collect Mandatory DNA Samples! This Is Outrageous!

With Bill S-230 the Canadian government is prepared to erode basic fundamental rights and freedoms in regards to maintaining the privacy of our DNA and in this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth breaks down the grave implications of this Draconian bill! Patreon ➜
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  • Real Name

    the dna data bank is used to develop viral weapons to target a specific race of people. They can make a flu that only affects a specific demographic they want to kill, based on dna

  • jerry kirkpatrick

    So explain why you have a problem that the government has your DNA. Why, not just that you have a problem with it. Do you have a problem if the government has your finger prints too?

  • Cheyenne Sellers

    Just took a blood test for my doctor this morning. I fully expect the lab to extract my DNA and give the code to the U.S.A. federal government and law enforcement. What the hell happened to the 4th Amendment? Canadians, don’t stand for this!!!!

  • Spiral Journey

    Here in TN the police hold “sobriety” roadblocks and draw blood – right on the roadside – from anyone suspected of driving under the influence.

  • Axess2084

    Remember, it’s ONLY the liberals who are doing this. Conservatives never do this kind of thing. And if you believe that, you’ll believe anything. Injustice isn’t the purview of only one political class. Don’t be naive. Both Liberals AND Conservatives do this.

  • Femwolf1111

    To point out a key word *PERSON* does not apply to a living flesh and blood man, woman or child.. Blacks Law Dictionary 5 th Edition defines PERSON In general usage, a human being (i.e. natural person), though by statue term may include a firm, labor organizations, partnerships, associations, corporations, legal representatives, trustees, trustees in bankruptcies or receivers. National Labor Relations Act, sub-section 2(1) did you see a living flesh and blood man, woman or child in that definition? Now HUMAN BEING, OOPS NOT IN THIS DICTIONARY, okay Natural Person, nope but I do have this NATURAL BORN SUBJECT, one born within the dominion(s) or rather within the allegiance, of the King of England… So do you consider yourself to be a PERSON? I do not, I am an American state national, a Ohioan, that is where my allegiance is, to the state to which I was born, and belongs to me.. how about you?

  • Pavloviangoof woof woof

    If you want pot, you got it.

    Get ready for workplace testing as well. Great cash grab for the government too. It’s going to be even more lucrative and self-serving than the OLG.

    Suckers. Justine’s laughing now. Every one in town had a dealer with great bud, that’s a given. I’ve smoked pot for over 30 years and been hassled by police maybe twice, never charged. Canada’s so lax when it came to pot.

    The heat’s on now, have no doubt. Don’t ever drive or go to work stoned.

    Remember, you asked for it.

  • Scientiae Magicae

    If you think we live in a police state now. Just wait until the Globalist get all of their policies passed through our corrupted governments.

  • daniel saint-martin

    no comments about this one….. when it concerns governments….. I tend to do some diarrhea writing……

  • pedro magoo

    So will the cops be peeing in a cup before they start their shifts…2 cops in north bay ontario have had multiple offences and we make office jobs fore them while the cant drive…instead of firing their asses…

  • 2bczar4u

    So essentially people who are legally using pot now to help with afflictions and disease will now be banned from driving. So you get cancer or have PTSD and then you get screwed over a second time. Nice!

  • Ian C

    Y’all who voted for Trudeau because of legal weed….

    Fuck yourselves.

    These legal changes are entirely in preparation to legalize, and entirely liberal voters fault.

  • BiddieTube

    So, they legalized cannabis so they can bust everybody who drives within several days of smoking it, and give them $10,000.00 fines. Youall must know that you will test positive many days afterwords. They will get re-richer from this bill. Maybe things were better having it illegal and just breaking that law. They gonna re-rich themselves!

  • Ruffneck Matt

    the cops and government won’t us citizens to perfect law bidding citizens! when the heads of the rcmp knew and took a cut from the liberals and the Quebec mafia when they ripped off Canadians for $ 2 billion on the sponsorship scandal! or the heads of the rcmp are that incompetent, large sums of Canadian dollars can be moved and the rcmp didn’t know shit ! bullshit! the elites and politicians get away with anything, and we’re supposed to be good vessels ( slaves)!

  • ken chenier

    This is a quote that Mr. Brulotte said Notice how it says it would put CANADA in violation of three United Nations treaties concerning drugs. “We are not against legalization; we’re just interested in making sure that thresholds and proper technologies are in place,” Mr. Brulotte said, adding that the industry also wanted the right to perform random drug tests in the workplace.
    The legislation would seem to put Canada in violation of three United Nations treaties concerning drugs. But a study released this week by the University of Ottawa Global Strategy Lab found that the government may be able to justify the measure under exemptions for “scientific purposes.”

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