The TRUTH About President Trump’s Inner Circle

In today’s video, Chad Boukzam of AMTV reports on Donald Trump Opens Pandora’s Box.
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  • Rise4justice

    fuck Trump! I can’t believe people fell for him how stupid can Americans get! lol no use in talking to Donkeys! let them crash and burn!

  • thomas reddick

    This guy is annoying, Chris get back. Don’t let this guy ruin your channel. Think about it all the time and work you have done. Just saying…

  • askarainbow

    i plan to go on Patreon and give $10.00 per month as a Old Social Security recipient with extremely little to survive on per month. It will go to my top ten favorite channels. I will not pay close to $6.00 per month for someone who is not even in my top ten list. Appreciate you but . Thx !

  • Jimmy Kemp

    Good video and I appreciate that you guys speak the truth cuz yes that’s been hard to find in the alternative media when it comes to Trump. The ONLY thing where I could see Trump not getting the blame is if the deep globalists are black mailing him, strong arming him. But I still believe in calling things as we see it, and not constantly making excuses for him like Alex Jones, who I listen to daily and admire his courage. But I do feel he’s painted himself into the corner, where he’s not being totally honest. We will see, but if Trump gets rid of Bannon, that’ll be a bad move. I already don’t like that Flynn is gone and Bannon’s been removed from the NSC. I don’t understand Trump having Ivanka and Jared involved, unless this is the other side of Trump that people warned about, the liberal side. I would never vote for those two and don’t appreciate them having influence in the White House and bringing Huma and Valerie Jarrett’s friend Dina Powell along with Gary Cohn.

  • robert johnston

    Iv even seen Trump supporters turning on Bannon because of what Trump said! They are saying Bannon is the cause of Trump messing up!! Unbelievable the confirmation bias and cognitive dissonance!!

  • Johnny Patrick

    Fat Kim Sung Dumb just tried to launch a missile which ended in failure. Get on top of it CHRISSY! Have you gone to sleep?

  • Richard Kuduk

    What is with everybody hating on McMaster. According to reports Bannon recommended him. Also Bannon was a goldman sachs banker, but still more preferable then the New York wing of Trump’s presidency.

  • Engir

    I disagree with your rant look What happened in his inner circle you are right it is his say and his responsibility but that is not the story today. Trump played everyone and the US got a major victory that is the story!!!
    Now you are as guilty as the other alternative media sites for criticizing Trumps action in Syria (No Assad did not gas his own people it was a false flag) Trumped did a shit job bombing a airfield away from a lot of people and moved on to N. Korea while dropping the mother of all bombs on ISIS?!
    Look what he was doing is posturing not with words but with actions! He was threatening N. Korea without saying a word! Now China seeing his actions of attacking Syria while eating cake with Trump, the head of China then went home and saw the big bomb being dropped on ISIS and did what Trump wanted all of a sudden China that has backed N. Korea over and over steps up and says step back we got N. Korea if they do something! I mean even Infowars can see this and has admitted they got it wrong, why can’t you? This was a major victory for Trump and for the US!!!
    Look at the other actions of China since that meeting with Trump they have started buying coal from the US placed an order for large amounts to be shipped and for a long period of time into the future and now the coal miners are going back to work.
    You stupid fucks got played by Trump you all where down on him all of you in the alternative media where giving him shit (I was thinking like you, all of you that the shadow government got to him?! but I am admitting I was wrong!) stop posturing and asking for money take the hit and Christopher Greene needs to get back in front of the Camera now and take the hit, you missed it Trump played all of us!!!
    His actions in the end averted what could have been the start of WW3, it was averted and the US did not have to do anything! Trump got China to step up and take care of N. Korea for us and to start doing more business with the US and from this video you still do not get it?!?!?!?!

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