Cannabis Growers Of Canada Unite Against Trudeau

For decades BC farmers have been perfecting their craft which has since become a globally recognized brand known as “BC Bud”. In the face of an oppressive government currently attempting to usher in “marijuana inc.” by wiping out the “mom and pop shops” who built the industry, Chad Jackett owner of Grass Roots Medicinal has set up the “Cannabis Growers of Canada” association and they are quickly building momentum as a strong force to contend with to protect the rights of growers as well as cannabis users moving forward under the Trudeau government.

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  • lemurian chick

    You might want to edit your description: it should be WIPING out.

    So do the hens get stoned out of their gourds?! LOL

    Maybe now Cannucks won’t be as smug or dis America as much. The Elites
    don’t belong to one country over another. It’s a global thang.

    Oh and it’s pronounced SAH-ree! Like the Indian SARI. 😉 (Sore-ree;)

  • Michael Larson

    what!? did you really believe Justin? HaHaHaHa! he is such a liar! everyone
    who voted for him got dupped!

  • Press For Truth

    We need to help the growers who built this industry with their blood sweat
    and tears to ensure that all their hard work isn’t usurped by Trudeau’s
    government! Check the description to learn how to show your support

  • LeCrazyCanuckEh

    I was arrested by gun point at my house based on a wild story told by a
    self proclaim mental illness person whom she changed her story multiple
    times.. The Police printed her story as fact in the local paper.. In court
    they wanted to plea with me and I said i would accept their plea if I could
    get an apology on paper from them for the obvious BS story they had printed
    as fact.. Their response to an official apology to my lawyer was “NOT A
    CHANCE IN HELL”.. The state can never look in the wrong because they fear
    the obvious might make it out to the public.. (anyways i didn’t except plea
    and won)

  • Mark Peden

    how much of this ends up being consumed by the cops? free bud for them.they
    probably enjoy busting people.

  • Xeno Phon

    People forget that you dont need swastikas and jackboots to have fascism.
    Trudeau is just another closet fascist that wont allow average people to
    reap the benefits of the new industry, he will regulate it until only big
    business can participate.

  • jaceNZ75

    Nooooo.. you mean people actually believed what a politician says.. Theres
    only a problem with those that want to sell.. Everybody Everywhere should
    be planting it just for the sake of it.. Not give up Canada..

  • TheMachoKing

    I want me a stoned chicken! Great episode guys and agree 100% I voted
    Liberal just for this reason. Don’t let me down.

  • slowpoke692

    I got my prescription the other day. In Alberta too, which always was the
    hardest province to get it in. So then, after seeing the doctor, I had to
    pick one company to buy from. Anything good, is $12 a gram, no matter how
    much you buy. The High CDB stuff is a little cheaper, but it’d sure didn’t
    yield much oil, about a gram of oil out of 15 grams of weed, I was hoping
    for two. So I find it more expensive than on the black market, that’s for

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