Laura Eisenhower “Non-Human Entities Have Enslaved Us & Made Us Forget Who We Really Are!”

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  • Dr. Ralph Kennedy

    I wanted to actually hear what this woman believes but she speaks in such a
    confused manner, with so much esoteric language that I cant actually work
    out why she believes what she does – or even quite WTF she believes.

  • What Grandma Thinks about it

    These are the fallen angels/demons and “Satan took Jesus to an unusually
    high mountain and Satan showed Jesus all the kingdoms of the world in all
    its glory, and the offered the control there-of. If only he would just
    BOW-DOWN and do an act of worship to Satan.

  • Adrian Kaiser

    Laura Eisenhower is the Daughter of Susan Eisenhower whom being her mother
    is the grand daughter to Ike Eisenhower, Laura being the great
    grand-daughter of. However Laura’s actual birth surname isnt Eisenhower at
    all and she does capitalise on her families Surname. SEE Search/research
    Susan Eisenhower for more relevant data.

  • theUKtodayVideos

    try as I do to give this credence I cannot. unfortunately this new age
    belief system is no different to the old belief system that relies on
    people suspending the reality of what is around us to believe what is
    unprovable is in fact reality. there are so many people getting massive
    hits on YouTube with this hypothesis with not a tangible shred of evidence.
    obviously there is a good living to be made travelling the world and
    talking about it. like god, this would be kicked out of court as it’s
    hearsay with no tangible evidence.

  • Sephardic

    BOLLOCKS! This woman is literally POISONING THE WELL. Nazis in power
    signing secret contracts with aliens, meanwhile allowing mass immigration
    of millions of 3rd world immigrants into Germany and West Europe. Are you
    kidding me. Are the Nazis in control of the BIS (Bank of International
    Settlements), Bank of England, the US Federal Reserve all other Central
    Banks? I guess Hitler has morphed into the Rothschilds to rule world’s
    finance by keeping us as DEBT SLAVES. What a load of Bull Crap.

  • Tiwas Ansuz

    A hive of green skined ant like creatures with big buggy eyes deep under
    the ground in nests live — They look exactly like the grey aliens because
    they are the grey’s but they tell a story The story they tell to keep the
    humans away from their nest is one of other planets other solar systems
    —- aliens not 25 feet under the ground in a nest — and thus they lead
    you away from them and make deals with the government who they also
    convinced are from outter space They studied the race of humans they
    manipulated them they told them a story and let imaginations run wild

    Almost everything Laura says is true is not everything but all on the
    premise lie the so called aliens tell us — that they are aliens

    We are not the only humanoid on the planet The others present do not want
    us the humans knowing they are here — they tell us a place we can not
    reach and laugh at our belief —

    We are under attack there are alien species to our own using all sorts of
    very sophisticated mechanisims — but they are from right here hidden by
    propaganda and a convinced government

    Alien species — a cat is an alien species to a dog — and these little
    fuckers who try to manipyulate us invade take us over breed with us create
    hybrids and trade technology for concessions of the government using us the
    humans as trading chips — They just are not from a different or another
    planet BUT then if we knew that we would march on them gun them down force
    them into surrender and their game would be over

    Stop lookin for the fuckers on another planet — Grey’s live in nests under
    the ground Lets find and then destroy the fuckin lot of them

  • natollys

    These disinformation agents are specialists in the BullSh*t sandwich…two
    slices of truth but in the middle the filling is ….Do Do…!!! …Love
    Richie’s style …the way he take the side of the Guest to bring out Their


    SHE’S A WHACKO, you should have brought her down to earth by asking her why
    GERMANY AFTER THE WAR…And Ritchie if you engage with much more of this
    stuff you’re going to end up a whacko too.

    When a man stops believing in God (Jesus Christ) he doesn’t then believe in
    he believes anything.
    G.K. Chesterton.

  • CookPassBabtridge

    Is there a way to filter out ‘fallen angel’ comments by Christians on YT,
    someone write an algorithm that I can download please, like ad block but
    more of a Jesus filter. It is now guaranteed that on the first page of
    comments on *ANY* YT vid there is either a Flat Earth or Fallen Angel

  • Ned Pamphilon

    I suspect you will be criticised for this interview… however, I liked it.
    Fun. Interesting.
    I have ‘followed’ Andrew Basiago’s (I understand sounds like bash-ee-argo)
    story for some years.
    Thanks Richie.

  • i raul

    too much bullshit in the ”UFO” movement – just talk & no proof just MK
    ultra / some people need to sell books

  • Argentarii Homini

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the elites paid idiots like this woman to
    distract us from the robberies and deceptions committed by governments and
    large banks sand corporations.

  • TheWizardJeff

    Power to you Laura. People readily believe in a higher power they call god,
    and give it all kinds of names, with all its’ manifestations like angels, a
    wonderful beautiful place called heaven, a dark and evil place called hell.
    When told there are extraterrestrial beings they just laugh. We are
    extraterrestrial beings to another civilisation on another planet. They
    have similar beliefs, I am sure. Hypocrisy at its’ finest.

  • Jørg 1

    Eisenhower starved thousands and thousands of German soldiers to death in
    he’s U.S prisoner of war camps located in Germany.

  • Robert Daulby

    Yes! Yes! Yes! I want to know more. Please bring her back Richie.

    In reading the comments concerning this episode, I find I need to ask…
    If, when people don’t ‘believe’ stuff, why do such have to – just have to –
    be so negative? Why? Secondly, what on earth gives anyone the impression
    that science is God and that this God is the only way? Are such believers
    not aware that God-science is, like religion in that it too is also
    manipulated? Finally, I must also ask, why do we assume that our ‘beliefs’
    are, in any way, connected to actual truths – as they are – as cold as they
    are? What gives us the impression that though we are holders of all truth
    that, through ‘belief’, we tap into this knowledge? Such ‘believers’ in
    anything either way should know that actual truth takes no sides. Truth
    just is and is free of personality, creed or emotion. Truth just is as it
    is regardless of who and what we are. Thus, ditch ‘belief’ and search for
    the truth – so that it may find you – AS IT IS – and NOT as we ‘believe’ it
    to be.

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