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  • Omega 10

    The only thing Kevin MacDonald has ever said that I didn’t agree with is
    that people who a low IQ shouldn’t discuss the ‘Jewish Question’. Now I
    understand why he said this. People might draw the wrong conclusions when
    discussing the JQ and thereby give those who take the JQ seriously, bad
    press. I disagree with him though. I think EVERYONE needs to become aware
    of and talk about Jewish power in the West. The more the better.

  • Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi

    For those of you still skeptical or unaware of the Jewish question, I
    suggest you read Kevin McDonald’s book ‘the culture of critique’.

  • aristochat3

    I have no problems listening to any other item on jewtube, but this one for
    some reason keeps falling out and displaying playback errors. Ither the
    resolution is too high for the bandwidth or the Jews control the media

  • Mari Paul

    South America is a continent full of mixed race people.. All mixed race
    countries are extremly violent, very poor and also have a low average IQ
    80-88. The jews want to transform the high IQ civilized wealthy white
    countries into mixed race low IQ violent poor countries.

  • JJ Bricks

    The jewish population in the US has steadily decreased since the 60’s.
    There are about as many liberals as there are conservatives in the

    This media organization is DOA due to the fact that Americans never
    respected people who blamed all their problems in life on people they have
    never met before. This is just poor common sense

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