John Wilkes Booth Figure to Assassinate Trump?

(11.22.16) In today’s video, Christopher Greene of AMTV reports on Donald Trump assassination messaging.

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  • Ron La Manna

    seems like the media is programming some unstable person to assassinate
    President Trump…I am on the verge of calling C.N.N. or FOX and
    complaining about this matter..

  • Dan Ricco

    Green you need to get off the assassination of Trump, you have no proof of
    the plan. stop it. it’s not the first time you said this. report real stuff
    , don’t make up shit

  • Ron La Manna

    So Robert De Niro is gonna try to assassinate President Trump. De Niro has
    already threatened physical violence ..also I hate this new speech where
    the media is calling people ..”bad actors”…who comes up with this new

  • Randy Rhoads

    Booth didn’t kill Lincoln just like Oswald didn’t kill Kennedy!! One thing
    I’ve learned about history is that history writers always do what their
    masters tell them.

  • Freud Ba

    Trump is sell out he already change his mind about hiring special
    persecutor to investigate Clinton, and more coming soon

  • RonsEZ2

    If trump is assassinated the US gov is finished people won’t stand for like
    with JFK. They will witch hunt the media the elite and arrest the gov and
    over throw and you will see millions of armed people who will storm DC and
    no military would be able to stop them. People are tired of MSM the satanic
    Vatican corrupt financial institutions government and pizzagate. People are
    going to jail obama is going to be exposed within the month by an ongoing 5
    year investigation in which a national press conference is going to be held
    with evidence and people involved in creating the fake BHObama. Get ready
    for shtf.

  • Southern Comfort

    This channel’s content now reminds me of Hillary’s policies. All bs with no
    depth or value. Real news please. Not conspiracy.. I’ll check back in a few
    months. Maybe.

  • shadowberetta

    I pray to God he doesn’t get assassinated. If he does (God forbid), there
    is a list of people that need to be exterminated.

  • TheNobleWolf

    If what you are saying is true then I should voted for Clinton. Because
    Abraham Lincoln was the closest thing to a tyrant that the US has ever had
    as president, and if Trump is Abe incarnate then we are all screwed.

  • piptaac101

    I would like to recommend a book to you. “Fifty Years in The Church of
    Rome”. It details the life of a catholic priest that left the church after
    excepting Jesus Christ as his savior. Pastor Chinqouy is then framed by
    jesuits and pastor Chin aquires Lincoln as his attorney. Their plot was
    found out and the case dismissed by a last min miracle witness. The pastor
    told Lincoln that there were 12 jesuits in the courtroom and that they
    never forget or forgive. Shortly after, Lincoln becomes President and they
    stay in contact, with pastor Chin giving warnings that he fears Lincolns
    life. In this first hand account written in 1880s, Lincoln said he knew
    that if Rome wasnt stopped they would be running the country within 25
    years. Read this book along with “The Great Controversy” Blessings my

  • Jan Ford

    scary, pray for Mr. Trump. This BS must stop. Thanks Chris. Hang in there
    brother. We feel your pain and frustration. Thanks for all you do.

  • mystery dude

    Lincoln is nothing like Trump. Lincoln was a racist, communist and tyrant.
    It’s good to see that Trump won the presidency, finally someone who isn’t a
    career parasite and has the balls to radically change the course of the
    USSA, but time will tell. This is a strange world we live in.

  • Mega Dooche

    I think you’re promoting his death by speaking it out into the universe.
    Don’t help plant ideas. You’re not helping by posting this video.

  • pd2210

    Chris the only way to truly fix this mess is all out war. You know it, we
    all know it. Its unfortunate for sure, but it is the truth. The sooner the
    better as far as I am concerned!

  • rocsvt1

    im more concern donald getting advice from henry kissinger is he flipping
    over to the establishment? do a video on them meeting privately.

  • Vinny Pantagalini

    if trump does not look into Hillary’s criminal activities, he will only
    serve one term. this is one of the reasons I voted for him. the only way he
    servers another term is if the country is booming.

  • Bezz80

    Don’t worry nothing will get in the way of you guys getting to Nazi salute
    each other in the open, Trump is protecting pedophile Clinton’s and crew
    and has no plans to help average people in America, according to his first
    update on his transition, energy production?. LOL No worries about Donald
    being assassinated, consrvatards and the establishment love Donald, they
    will be able to get away with anything. LOL Seig Heil, my friend, Sieg
    Heil! You should consider using that as the new outro for your videos, much
    more hard hitting and in your face!

  • Tyler Sudden II

    Trump is on the same team as all before him, folks. amazing how so many buy
    this crap. Trump is a ste valve of controlled opposition

  • Bob Smith

    UMM hate to burst the Bubble to you all. Gods’ WRATH comes first and he
    will bring it upon us ALL within 60 days! Smoke and fire and no more
    America! You think the show ” Designated Survivor ” isn’t a foreshadow ” ?
    Watch out New York and Washington DC Just my opinion. I pray God relent and
    ALL repent through Jesus Christ!

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