Trump Reignites War on Weed – #NewWorldNextWeek

Welcome to New World Next Week – the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

Story #1: Trump Names Rabid Cannabis Prohibitionist as Drug Czar

Wikipedia: Drug Czar

New DHS Secretary John Kelly Saying, “Marijuana Is Not a Factor In The Drug War”

Homeland Security Will Continue to Enforce Marijuana Laws

Wikipedia: John F. Kelly

Announcing Legal Cannabis In Canada – What You Need To Know

Roadside Tests For Pot Need Rethink Before Canadian Legalization

Pharmacy Distributors Want In On Canada’s Legalized Marijuana Regime

Canada Will Legalize Pot, After Arresting A Bunch Of People For Pot Offences First

California Marijuana Legalization Faces Unlikely Foe in Pot Growers

Here’s What Happens If You Get Caught With Weed In Japan

Story #2: The BBC Looks At “How Western Civilization Could Collapse”

Sentient World Simulation: Meet Your DoD Clone

Story #3: The Alt-Media Purge In Full Swing

In Defence Of Alex Jones

Bill O’Reilly Was A JFK Truther

How Kiss Created Indie Rock


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  • Qingeaton

    Oh goody!, we are going to waste so much money all over again.
    No second term for Trumpy.
    The people will continue to ignore the laws since they don’t believe in them.

  • Natural Flavours

    This Trump dude bombs all these countries after he said he wouldn’t. Who gives a flying what he thinks. People can ingest whatever materials they choose to, so get this puppetry out of my face.

  • nikbnsn

    the war on weed and psychedelics is a total war on consciousness. these two substances eliminate the ‘Hate and Fear’ paradigm the overlords thrive on to keep us divided.

    ‘It’s a fundamental wrong, if I as an adult am not sovereign over my own consciousness then I’m absolutely not sovereign over anything.’– Graham Hancock

    ‘We are infantilized, we’re told you can wander around within the sanctioned playpen of ordinary consciousness, and we have some intoxicants over here if you wanna mess yourself up; we’ve got some scotch here, some tobacco, some red meat, and some sugar, and a little TV, and so forth and so on. But these boundary dissolving hallucinogens that give you a sense of unity with your fellow man and nature are somehow forbidden? This is an outrage. It’s a sign of cultural immaturity, and the fact we tolerate it is a sign that we are living in a society as oppressed as any society in the past.’– Terence Mckenna

  • sharon anderson

    while there is no evidence tht it is this gateway effect. well wonder if dump supporters will have had enough now? this is fucking war. time to succeed from this fucked up union.

  • Cielos Tóxicos Geoingeniería Sobre Latinoamérica

    I would like to know how you explain the passing away of the australian coral reef… Millions of years around.. gone in the blink of an eye.. Everything just fine ? Wake up guys, we are in trouble. Heard anything of the collapse of fisheries globally ? Or is it our imagination ? Heard of species extinctions ? Or are they hiding away under rocks to make us feel sad ? You are way off target on this one. Unfortunately. Take a look at the geoengineering going on all over the planet. Do you ever look up at the sky and wonder WTF is going on ? Please interview Dane Wigington on the subject.

  • issy hatt

    Love this show but that analysis of Canada and Weed legislation from millennial view points isn’t exactly having your thumb on the pulse

  • rcaugh

    You neglected to mention that Rump also reinstated federal funding for private prisons at the same time. So we the taxpayer will pay for marijuana arrests and pay to house the offenders while the prison industrialists rake in their slave labor profits. What a great scheme. Rumor has it Trump has vast holdings in the two biggest prison industrialists who donated millions to his campaign and inauguration party.

  • abram galler

    At this point in time ,the medical community pursues a path of political correctness when reporting on the effects of marijuana.The public ,government and the medical community will have to go through a complete learning cycle on marijuana.

  • ken thomas

    Gee golly whiz this is great! The more kids we throw in private prisons for the devil’s weed the more cheap labor Big Business will have to profit from. I’m so glad we have another president who knows what’s really important to worry about. Now free from worrying about weed, he can concentrate more fully on starting a nuclear war with N. Korea or China or Russia or Iran. Or killing more Muslims. Mm…and gee golly I know he’ll stop the CIA from importing opium from Afghanistan and weed from Columbia? Maybe, too, he’ll appoint his buddy, Bill O’Reilly, to be in charge of the ICW….

  • dina bissell

    why do we still have czars anyway , i thought that was a obama thing that the republicans were complaining about . geez where is that smaller government thing

  • kingneddy

    Trump is a traitor! What is next, the abolition of the 2nd amendment? Trump is 100% a fake, actor puppet for the NWO.

  • surfjerr

    Trump we understand your a SATANIST and you have your master to answer to , But also understand GOD WILL DESTROY YOU MINIONS !!!!!!!

  • rugger digger

    mr. Trump mr. president if someone’s f****** with your family in any way you need to tell you American people you want to see outrage if they’re f****** with your family people will be out of their f****** minds over it

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