BREAKING: Reddit Bans #Pizzagate Investigation. The Corbett Report Continues It.


So reddit has banned the pizzagate subreddit…but the investigation continues. A pizzagate forum has sprung up on and awareness of the scandal is spreading on YouTube, Twitter and other social media outlets. And now The Corbett Report community can collate information on the pizzagate scandal in this new open source investigation.

Go to the website now to join the investigation:


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    The MSM puts out fake news, and there are many CIA and other agencies with
    disinfo news like SUPERSTATION, so now they will put up gatekeepers who
    will shut down conspiracy analysis…. TAR AND FEATHER MAKES THE WORLD
    BETTER and if that fails there is always the GUILLOTINE.

  • ura soul

    voat is definitely a good replacement for reddit. i also run a social
    network that upholds principles of free will and privacy, to the best that
    i can do.. it’s called ureka – the link is on my YT forum – all are
    welcome. <3

  • Karasaph Exonar

    banning, information suppression (fake news) and this are the modern day
    book burning. The nazi’s did it, and it happens today as well.
    Talking about legit claims as conspiracy theories is also a way of book
    burning. Witch hunting people as Conspiracy Theory people is okay somehow

  • kg2679

    You dont want to steal their thunder? Wtf! I hope the fear of losing viewer
    money made you change your mind. I hope boiling frogs and newsbud will do
    the same. #PizzaGate #ChildTrafficking should be the main topic for every
    truth seeker rn.

  • John Smith

    we need decentralized peer to peer forums and video hosting platforms w/o
    single points of failure that cannot be choked

  • Arimethius2

    every time I tried to watch this video it would freeze up my screen cause a
    green screen would not allow me to share and totally shut down my phone

  • PlumpAngel707

    Thank you for taking up pizza gate investigation. No one is above the law.
    Corbettreport is one of my
    favorite news sites. Loved your series on 911. Ty again.

  • Kelly Frock

    Well I believe what people are doing on here is amazing! and wonderful.
    However I also am seeing a problem. These scumbags are adapting and
    changing. We are not. We are trying to do the same thing in a different
    place and expecting a different outcome. in my opinion this will fail as
    well. Over in the middle east The guerrilla fighters are fighting against
    the worlds most advanced army and holding them off for decades. One of the
    many ways they are able to do this is to not play the game with Technology.
    They do the exact opposite. they use pen and paper instead of radio waves
    to. communicate. If all the people who are investigating this put their
    findings on paper and go to kinkos and make 100 copies of it and scatter
    the information everywhere. This info will land in the right hands. it will
    reach the unreachable. and erasiing the info before 100 people have read it
    will be impossible. The net is dying and controlled by evil. I say boycot
    go oldschool. Pilots do an air drop of info. Adapt adapt adapt

  • Napoleon Blown Apart

    As near as I can tell, the “evidence” for Pizzagate is *thin,* and even
    that might be generous. BUT the MSM and PTB are already moving to roll
    Pizzagate into their “fake news” crusade, and I suspect that it will be
    oft-cited as the exact reason we “need” state censorship of so-called fake
    news. #ItsATrap

  • trancedrum555

    Good. Thanks a lot for deciding to don’t let these topic fall. Disturbing
    for some but these ugly story have to end. It will.

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