Daniel Hammarberg – Abrahamic Religion: The Dark Side of Judaism

Daniel Hammarberg is a native Swede who has written many articles on current events and social issues. He has also worked with the anti-pedophile movement Nätverket Stoppa Pedofilerna, publicizing the identities, crimes and physical whereabouts of convicted child molesters – information that Swedish authorities keep hidden. When he is not writing or engaged in activism, Daniel enjoys sea swimming and powerlifting.

To begin, we dive into the main topic of our show: religion. We touch on the history of the three main Abrahamic religions, and discuss how modern Christianity is, in many ways, quite ahistorical. Daniel calls attention to Evangelicals in particular, arguing that they are incorrect for believing that Jews are the chosen people, as their covenant with God ended after the coming of Christ. We then discuss the Spanish Inquisition, which Daniel provides as an example of the real relationship between Christianity and Judaism. While on the subject, Daniel reads a few choice passages from Martin Luther concerning the Jews. The first hour concludes with a discussion on the dark side of Judaism.

In the members’ hour, Daniel offers a fascinating comparison between Judaism and National Socialism. He argues that both emphasize a military savior, the importance of blood ties, and the desire to conquer others. We then discuss the true nature of diversity, and how it is threatened by unchecked miscegenation. Back on the subject of religion, we consider whether or not the events depicted in the Bible are historically accurate. Daniel argues that, while there may be a degree of historical truth to them, they are mostly exaggerated. We take the opportunity to explore the possibility that various Biblical accounts of God were actually descriptions of natural events, such as volcano eruptions. The show concludes with a discussion on what we can learn from the tragedy of the USS Liberty.

Guest’s website: http://danielhammarberg.com/

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About The Author


  • Maxwell Smart

    What the hell does Abraham have to do with Jews and therefore Judaism?

    You people are so fucking deluded, so retarded, and so clearly a limited
    pagan hangout that it is no longer beyond any question.

  • Maxwell Smart

    Judaism exists as a negation to Christianity you fucking retards!! Just
    because Jews have bought the best Christianity that Jewish shekels could
    buy does not lessen that FACT.

  • Curry

    Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life. The ‘Jews’ today follow the
    religion of the Pharisees that hated Christ.
    The Talmud blasphemes Christ, the Jews hate Christ! They hate him more than

  • Combat Ramen

    The degenerates promoting white genocide are the gay feminist pagans and
    degenerate atheists. A white nation without Christianity is a passing trend
    that will be uprooted immediately by nihilistic and hedonistic instincts.
    You need to re-evaluate the foundation of white nations if you think
    Christianity is the problem because it is the only thing that keeps them

  • Donovan Worland

    Circumcision of the heart, that is a reference that comes up in the Sefer
    Yetzirah. Circumcision of the tongue is silence or hesychasm in Greek
    theology and yes circumcision of the heart is to come to simplicity in
    simple faith (disinterest in magic and the worldly goings on of others).
    Very interesting, quite on point.

  • stevie6621

    This guy rejects dispensationialism which is why he does not understand the
    Bible. Listen, I’m a Christian and a Nationalist and I support Israel when
    it comes to national sovereignty, I don’t support the actions of their evil
    government and religious leaders. God promised Abraham and his descendants
    land which is their possession forever. Saying Christians are now the
    Israel is heretical (replacement theology).

    Daniel says Jews are no longer God’s chosen people. Read Romans 11, God is
    not finished with the Jewish people, they will turn to Jesus in the end.
    They are still God’s people.

  • powermetal29

    “Christianity is not a religion for the great number, much more so for
    everyone. Cultivated and practiced by a minority, it is one of the most
    exquisite flowers that the soul of a civilization has ever given.”

    Dr. Goebbels – *Michael*

    “Christ is the genius of Love. He is the greatest and most tragic man who
    ever lived on earth.”


    “Christ is the first great adversary of the Jews.”


    “The Jew is lie personified. With Christ, he has for the first time before
    History crucified the eternal Truth.”


  • Jeff Fenske

    Paul did not invent Christianity. Jesus taught the new covenant while on
    earth, which began after he died, rose again, and the Holy Spirit was given
    to “lead people into all truth” on Pentecost. All of the New Testament
    writers agreed with what Jesus taught, including Paul.

  • Jeff Fenske

    God was solving a gene pool contamination problem:
    ‘My theory on the Nephilim: When God told the Children of Israel to kill
    every man, woman and child in Canaan (the giants), there was this
    Genesis-6, demon-contaminated genetic problem again? Israel did not; and
    then there was intermarriage. This would explain why so many seem to be
    predisposed towards evil — and they become our leaders — even of churches?!!


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