Must Listen! Andrew Rynne MD and William Campbell Debate Vaccine Safety In First For Alt Media.

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  • Dana Newton

    There are no safe VACCINES. Dr Mary’s Monkey cancer in VACCINES. the virus
    sheds for 2 weeks after . it’s all bullshit numbers

  • MrMartGonzo

    Dr. Rynne did a poor job presenting the case against vaccines.
    Richie if you get this opportunity again try and get Dr. Suzanne Humphries
    on, she’s an actual expert on vaccines.

    obviously this pharma whore Campbell did a bad job too, but that’s because
    all they have is lies and insinuations to fall back on.

  • vvdv

    Campbell is scum. Of course women are getting sick. Big pharma tries to
    ignore and ridicule them so they can keep the profits flowing.

  • omar kahn

    I got a call yesterday from the school my son attends, and said I had to
    get my son vaccinated for meningitis, etc…
    I said I don’t give consent for him to be vaccinated and my reasons were
    personal…they then persuaded my son to ring me another two times saying,
    he could be refused a place in further education(many colleges) and he is
    very high risk
    They said they had a duty to do their job and I kept insisting u had a duty
    as a parent to protect my son…but they continued adamantly and finally
    persuaded him, saying he is 15 and had a right to choice….

  • rick Woods

    Richie you have to ,have to do a show on the PODESTA emails and #pizzagate
    , its all out these are sick f£&ckers and need bringing down. Also new info
    re hampstead coming out

  • paulcmusik

    Campbell wanted to demonise Regret on proving the 400 cases, but then made
    a claim that 99% of doctors agree on vacations, and when asked for proof,
    was very quick to move on. by saying that’s information he must get for Dr
    Andrew R. He didn’t have any information, because he was then trying to get
    Dr Andrew R. to agree the overwhelming majority of Doctors are for

  • Bogdan Sikorski

    for this willy boy to say that big pharma uses reputable or real SCIENCE is
    frankly amazing😂 how do I know? I worked for one of their regulatory
    willy boy is a moron and a low nasty form of life😈

  • damian winkler

    Why is this not regarded as manslaughter or murder? Premeditated and
    conscious injecting of poison is nothing short from other methods other
    murderers use. But society just views these doctors as badly informed on
    the subject or biased or incompetent…but strangely they seem to find
    their way towards money and personal gain each time without taking any
    chances(as in really helping people) but when it comes to the lives of our
    youngest their is no chance of benefit low enough and no excuse ridiculous
    enough for these “doctors” to take another approach.
    Scum and criminals have more decency than these “doctors”.

  • utopiaopera

    *”science is the way we determine what is true in the world”*
    So science is a religion? Here is some science: there is a mountain of
    evidence proving that scientists can be bought, paid for, corrupted &
    killed to skew data in a way that fits whomever is funding them. I don’t
    think you’re going to convince me that scientists are generally seen as the
    empathic measuring stick for the rest of society to look up to.

  • Sean Barraclough

    Correlation does not prove causation but when the insert of a vaccine
    states x,y,z may be a result we must pay attention.

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