Prosecute Hillary @realDonaldTrump

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  • Brendan Martin

    It’s just not going to happen. All the politicians are all the same. One
    big sack of fowl, corrupted, lowlife SHIT. They will look out and cover up
    for each other. Time for the ordinary people to hold the illuminati
    politicians to their campaign promises. Bring faith back to the government,
    the media and the justice system, root the evil out.

  • Melli Lepage

    he’s not trying to bring the country together.. he can’t do shit! Can’t
    believe u dummies actually thought he would do anything… he was running
    for president… he lied to all of you… now get over it! “lock her up”
    was nothing but a gimic… and u all fell for it…

  • Melli Lepage

    funny how u didn’t see it but yet u talk shit… Ellen wasn’t crying like
    that… u’r fucked…. u don’t even know wtf u’r even talking about… u’r
    a loser..



  • Douglas Northrup

    Trump really won’t be heavily involved in Clinton’s prosecution because the
    NYPD & New York Branch of the FBI are already in motion on prosecution.

  • Broken Angel

    Im sorry but I knew he was a wolf in sheeps clothing. I felt it in my soul.
    I tried to give him the shadow of the doubt. But he has already back sliden
    on a number of things already now.. I dont feel good about him like I had
    anymore. I dont think hes going to come through with ALOT of what he had
    promised… ☹

  • Max416188

    He lied about the prosecution before he is even inaugurated. Shouldn’t that
    smell phony? Put your pride down and accept that America got FRUMPED. He is
    a puppet for those elitist bankers who worship Satan, no one becomes a
    multi billionaire without going through them first. There would be no hope
    for humanity if Jesus Christ never came down, and died with your sins on
    the cross. Accept him into your life today, so you can have absolute
    assurance of where your soul will go in the afterlife. Romans 6:23 KJV –
    “For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life through
    Jesus Christ our Lord.”

  • Ares Araya

    ffs You do realize it’s not his place to prosecute it’s the AG’s job. Look
    at who he’s appointed for that position and that “should” tell you what
    will happen. He has to step back from this to keep the left somewhat off
    his back. He’s not even in yet. Look at the things he has stated he would
    do and already putting this in place. Stop playing checkers in a chess

  • Chad Elmer

    *Some mushrooms like the psilocibin contain DMT …powerfull hallucinogenic
    …. others like the Oyster mushroom eat crude oil or diesel…and fungi
    like cordyceps crawl inside a bony keratin structure and destroy the host
    while the human brain can outlive the body by 400 years ….. something to
    think about ! “*

  • A Carroll

    I agree with you! give him some time. He’s not even been inaugurated yet.
    like you said he’d better prosecute that criminal for her atrocities in the
    name of the American people! and Obama too!

  • pblacklock

    This is a legal/constitutional rabbit hole but I have to wonder. What if
    Hillary were to be tried and convicted? Would that retroactively make her
    ineligible to run for the presidency? Would that open a portal of hundreds
    of thousands of lefties demanding nullification? Regardless, I’ll be
    patient and put faith in the hope that Jeff Sessions does the right thing.
    Let her rot in the heat at gitmo!

  • DarkBioCloud

    Chris don’t rush the clinton prosecution even if trump can override obama’s
    pardon it will take a year or more the most time efficient way to get
    clinton is to make them feel safe so obama doesn’t pardon them before he
    leaves office. Trump is alot smarter than he let’s on give him a chance to
    do his thing that includes screwing with the minds of the enemies so they
    never know exactly what trump is going to do. Trump said he is on the side
    of the American people we are going to have to trust him and sit back and
    watch him work the board.

  • carl blackman

    Chris, it is the AJ job to prosecute not the POTUS! he just trying to keep
    the people who will be charged with high treason in the USA, not the non
    extradition countries they already have bought homes in. as POTUS his pay
    is only $1 a year so yes he is a servant and a Patriot.

  • Tom Collins

    Prosecuting HIllary is just the beginning. The wikileaks is pulling the
    veil back on all the pedofiles that are part of the Clinton gang. Podesta
    and his brother and Billie bob blowjob is also an outright pedo. The pizza
    gate info is being avoided at all cost by the mainstream because of the
    possible fallout from the swamp. Disgusting shit to say the least. For
    those who want to get versed on this subject you can read this blog… You need to
    expose this stuff on your site as well Chris. Check out a call for an
    uprising youtube channel and David Seaman who opened up a channel because
    he got the boot off of huffington post for looking into Hillary’s health
    scandal. There is also some artwork that is hanging in one of these
    establishments that depicts small children in various sexual acts that I
    won’t put up because it is too disgusting. You probably can find it around
    the internet.
    If someone doesn’t prosecute these people they are likely still exploiting
    small children for their sexual desires… sick bastards sick sick sick.

  • Randomfully Wonderful

    Chris, I’ll take it! Can you mail me that piece of toilet paper? Hah! You’d
    have made more of a point if you’d burned it.

  • Oculus Rift

    Chris don’t forget Donal Trump called himself the law and order candidate
    so if he doesn’t prosecute Hillary Clinton he has already started his
    presidency with one huge lie that has suckered everyone that voted for him
    ! He has to prosecute if he meant what he said to show people that no one
    is above the law .

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