The Real Reason Obama went to Alaska

In today’s video, Christopher Greene of AMTV reports on 5 Chinese Warships off the Coast of Alaska.
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  • DeAnn D. Uehling

    America is going to be nuked by Russia, that is already been decided. God
    almighty has lifted His hand of protection from America. God has given us
    warning and chance to turn back to Him,and all he has gotten is the white
    house painted rainbow colors, instead of repentance He has been spit upon,
    and God is not Mocked and the repentant sinners, Yes unrepentant hearts
    will not go unnoticed. Judgment is coming, and it will happen before that
    forked tongue devil leaves office.And in case you don’t know who that is,
    it’s Obama!!!

  • WaterGirl49

    We ask, we are lied to with convoluted stories and Hegelian speech over and
    over again and their corruption knows no bounds and never ends

  • minilogo37

    i just read that one of the leaders of anonymous was an fbi informant. he
    was also instrumental in bringing the occupy movement to a broader
    audience. blew my mind.

    going in a completely different direction, once when i was in school my
    math class had a year-long project about balancing a checkbook. they had us
    “buy” things, we received an income. another class gave us jobs and had us
    buy a house, finance a car, basically just live these lives for a complete
    semester. i felt it was a worthwhile exercise.

    nice video btw.

  • Matthew Madruga

    This is fucking stupid, just one crackpot doing nothing but making
    theory’s. “OH HES GOING TO MAKE AGREEMENTS WITH CHINA!” because secret
    meetings go on all the time 😛 its not like they have people to do that.
    This is so fucking stupid I’m having trouble coming up with a sentence to
    sum it up.

    • Matthew Madruga

      ehh its no problem, I was knocked out for most of it and all i had was
      shitty headaches for a year. Because Obama is a person, and although he
      plays with thousand and thousands of people who only want to make money, he
      still has some heart, and if they stay in that country, they will die, its
      sad, but we also did this with the Jews. The government is fucked up down
      to mayers, so I’m not surprised by anything that he gets away with because
      no ones focusing on the government they just watch Kim on the TV and then
      bitch about taxes. The surveillance act was actually a re-purposing so the
      Americans would know less about it and everyone would be under lock and key
      so there isnt another Snowden incident. It hasent been heading down a good
      road since after JFK got shot, a couple years later we see what effect it
      had on not just the people, but the government aswell

    • Pachenko

      +Matthew Madruga I’m sorry about you getting shot in the head! :/ it must
      of been a horrible experience im sure. anyways thanks for your service and
      about the whole obama fiasco idk i just like to be open mind and come with
      my own conclusions. i mean why would obama want to take thousands n
      thousands of refugees that hate america? why obama has overstep congress
      and the way the american system was set up? i do believe he is there to
      destroy what america stands for and we just sitting and watching. did you
      read about the new surveillance act that congress just pass? things dont
      seem to be heading to a good road

    • Matthew Madruga

      I know, I cant take a good picture lol but to be fair! I did get shot in
      the head in the navy, so its kinda half and half. I believe he went there
      to have fun, but to also get all kinds of info off of the sonar and radar
      and he could have had someone talking to them and Alaska was the best place
      where they could talk in private. But I can guarantee that he did nothing
      with china, himself, in that visit. Sarah Palen (or how ever you spell her
      name) lives there and she has a major influence on the coastal part of
      Alaska and should literally would be screaming into a camera if someone
      Democratic did something like that.

    • Pachenko

      +Matthew Madruga well it is making speculations yes, but he was right about
      Syria? and other things? i mean you gotta look at things happening around
      us. you cant be that blind friend. btw you look like that guy that shot
      traivon martin down in Florida. no offence

  • We The People (Truth is Righteousness)

    Both times we fought china we lost. Vietnam, Korea. But unless our
    politicians actively seek a war in china’s immediate vicinity, China will
    never bother us. Throughout history they have never been that type of race.
    I truely believe, We could easily have good relations with china. I’ve
    studied a lot about there culture in my life and they are an amazing
    people. Plus, there’s absolutely no reason at all china shouldn’t build
    there self defense capability. China has been invaded by neighboring
    countries more times in history than you can shake a stick at. 11:54

    • Pachenko

      +x420xavier you serious? stay off that green buddy!! I mean green doesnt
      make people stupid but anyways cuz he was in a secret meeting with Chinese?

  • Ramie adib

    Iranian not happy about plan of us and UK.this country need domocracy not a
    fake druggie ayetollah which from morning to evening smoking opium with his
    armed uneducated people .Iranian deserve much higher. If wan mot your
    benfit you never push shah of Iran away .you choosing druggie ayettolah
    because is your monkey and o what ever you wanted to he do. Thats not least
    by Iranian ot is a dirty dead rat and very sickminded without soul and
    realign.he is the terrorist fake druggie ayettolah .

  • Kia F

    I watched the China parade. It was at least 1 million soldiers! Then there
    was this pink part, I’m sure that it was another million people. It was
    nice, but I kept thinking wtf omg if they ever came over…

  • Albert Martinez

    So now that we are awakened; what do we do now? who do we stand up against?
    Some people uphold the system without knowing that they do so.

  • jay45ecp

    it were japanese whale hunters, disguised as chinese navy, obamer tried to
    stop them, but the pentagon refused to attack the japs

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