Real Wealth during a Debt Collapse

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  • Leah Almirall

    Hello Christopher!
    Hope all is well with you and your loved ones. I just want to say…
    In my opinion, REAL WEALTH is first and foremost my belief in God and my
    reliance on Him whenever I feel helpless, hopeless, miserable in an
    uncomfortable situation. Next, is my family; the only TRUE living family
    member I have is my father, who I cherish A LOT; despite our numerous ups
    and downs, he he has always been and still around for me ever since I was
    born… in the good, bad, and ugly times! And last but not least, REAL,
    me, as well as making me feel comfortable to be totally me, as opposed to
    ‘walking on eggshells’, and pretending to be someone else, so as to please
    those not comfortable with your individuality. Christopher, I must say that
    although ninety percent of my relatives question my individuality and the
    way I was raised, I figuratively speaking, fight like an Amazon by
    disregarding their expectations of me as a person…who I really am, and
    listen to what my Dad lectured when I was younger, as well as advice from
    my good friend friend Cindy. That to me my friend, is REAL WEALTH: a STROKE
    forgot, have a GOOD heart, by treating people accordingly; for instance, if
    you treat people like crap, down expect to be treated well, and if you
    treat people well, you be treated well. It works both ways! (Karma). Have a
    great evening, Christopher! May God Bless you and your Loved Ones! DON’T
    EVER CHANGE!!!!!?❤

    Your #1 Fan,
    -Leah.?? xoxoxoxo 

  • rock5699

    I definitely appreciate watching your show. I like to watch it with my
    daughter and my wife, so that we’re all up to date. I find what you have to
    say very informative, but we could definitely do with a little better
    language LOL. Thanks for all you do in keeping us informed! :)

  • TheKreativekrystle

    We watch Venezuela, Brazil and Greece collapse right before our eyes….yet
    American youth are protesting for that full blown socialism to come here.
    What they need to do is go there. That is your equality.

  • Azure

    Great job. Mr Greene. Love this video.

    Makes me more glad I am that I’m not in the US, especially with all the
    insanity the US stirs up.

  • Casey Kepley

    I believe real wealth comes in the form of knowledge and knowing what to do
    in certain situations. Learning from sitting on the shoulders of giants!

  • Getinit 56

    The head of Trumps campain is going to be there. Drudge,… while warping
    your mind, failed to mention this very point and that. AJ, is the same
    lying fool drumpf is. We are witnessing the destruction of
    Constitutionalism. You are being warped yourself. Beck is a fair and Godly
    man. He has his opinions and I’ll assure you that I would trust his over

  • Danish Miller

    There are PIGS and BRICS nations; when shall the WOLF nations arise and
    bring a bring a bulldozer instead of huffing and puffing? …
    . (Who are the WOLVES?)

  • vincent parlante

    Hey Chris, Thanks again for posting another great insight on the current
    economic and tracking of our countries declining wealth in the real sector
    of income…the middle class who have in many ways carried the country
    which that’s all about to go down the tubes…you always bring you great
    information, so keep it coming and I for one will keep watching and pass
    your posts on….

  • Robert Myorski

    With humans beings less needed in the work force, should lead them into
    community work which will help rebuild a green, clean ,safe local society.
    For this I pray ! Stop fertilizing people cancer is out of control. Wake up
    ! help lead the next generation without buy the bullshit ! Everything is
    over priced and over governed .

  • 2haveFREEDOMpriceles

    Christopher, Dr. Joel Wallach said appendicitis is a classic sign of
    gluten intolerance. Gluten causes many kinds of illness and I read
    something by Mike Adam’s not long ago, stating it may not even be gluten in
    wheat products that poses the problem, but the amount of Monsanto’s Round
    Up the factory farms spray on wheat crops to get them to market faster.
    Just an FYI.

  • crashguy711

    you really nailed it with this video on every point! anyone who doesn’t get
    it by now never will. as far as wealth? I think you said it all perfect
    here, except the parts about measure your dick, you really could have left
    that crap out. I know this subject is the most serious of them all, but you
    nailed it without using that! people please, stock up in this order,
    water/filter, food/seeds, guns ammo, other commen sense preps, and lastly
    what ever money’s you have left over buy small amounts of silver.. just my
    opinion.. good luck! God bless America! we gonna need it!!

  • Victor ST

    “They’ll get rid of you”… yeah, the Bible predicted this in Luke 21:25-26

    “There will be signs in the sun and moon and stars, and on the earth
    anguish of nations not knowing the way out because of the roaring of the
    sea and its agitation. People will become faint out of fear and expectation
    of the things coming up on the inhabited earth.”

    Get ready. This old civilization is coming to an end. There will be
    “anguish of nations” like never before.

  • Robert Gile

    Real wealth during a debt collapse is what you can provide for your fellow
    humans in real skills and abilities. And trust me, texting in a
    sub-language is not a real skill.

  • Jamie Hitt

    Cell Phone, Internet, Electricity, Water, Natural Gas, Groceries, Property
    Tax, Insurance, Cosby, Clinton…we’re all getting raped by Bills.

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