EPIC RANT: The Government Will Not Protect You From Tractor Trailers

SHOW NOTES: https://www.corbettreport.com/?p=19258

As the Problem-Reaction-Solution (Nice edition) plays out as expected, it is time to remind ourselves: The government is not your daddy and it will not protect you from the boogeyman. The government creates the boogeyman to scare you. Giving more power to the government in the wake of every tragedy only incentivizes them to terrorize you further.


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  • greaghreafen

    Is that a Cannuk rant ?? You need to go red in the face & have flecks of
    spittle coming out, watch a few Alex Jones vids & you’ll get the idea ;-)

  • Lisa W

    Something wicked comes our way in the U.S. to suspend our constitution and
    hand the POTUS his 3rd term on a silver platter. Japan’s pseudo democracy
    may also be in danger with Emperor Akihito reported to be hinting at
    abdication. Great Britain is the second nation to kick start global
    destruction of democracy with resignation of David Cameron and Nigel Farage.

    1st red flags last night for all critical thinking and awake individuals:
    alleged male driving truck is shot dead, and announcements by ALL global
    MSM outlets claims the event was as an “Islamic militant
    terrorist ATTACK” on France – WITHOUT presenting a shred of evidence. No
    name, identification documents, no photos, no dead body. No visible blood,
    bits of clothing fabric or grey matter on the interior of windshield. The
    event occurred at night when difficult for fearful pedestrians to easily
    see an individual inside truck cab. For decades, the technology has existed
    that allows vehicles to be operated remotely. The tractor/trailer rig used
    in this event was a ‘straight’ hitch hook up and not a pivot hitch. This
    allowed the vehicle to maneuvered in a straight forward motion.

  • armadillo platypus

    France is a socialist country with strong workers unions. The zionists see
    this as a threat to their agendas and protocols.

  • karlbushtheII

    Yes James, I’m going to vote Trump Islam has been doing this and worse for
    a little under 1,400 years now. Before the USA, who did your masters blame?
    I’m just saying, it is never the Muslims, huh? No, let us just ignore the
    history of humanity for the last 1,400 years. I agree it is our governments
    fault for bringing them in, they should have learned from the close call
    Europe had with becoming an Islamic state.
    Someday I hope you shake your media fueled white guilt James. Or just
    change employers.

  • Eki Rasche

    Another False Flag done by the CIA and Mossad.
    They need to convince the French people that France need to attack Syria,
    since the proxy army, ISIS, is loosing the war.
    Banksters have no problem sacrificing French citizens, their “Ponzi Scheme”
    economy is collapsing.

  • Tama Rebirth

    Corbett, we need witness and evidence and not ” false flag” speculation
    or your ” problem, reaction, solution” mantra. Is there any evidence? Put
    up or shut up.

  • seanlaca

    France has been attacked four times. I believe Brussels is the only other
    EU country that has been attacked since the first Charlie Hebdo attack.
    That tells you in and of itself that these attacks are methodical and
    calculated, and not just random attacks by opportunist jihadists that the
    official narrative wants us to believe. Either France is doing something
    that’s really pissing off jihadists, or these are inside jobs, or France is
    doing something to piss off US interests… like opposing TPP and Russian

  • TheShells

    This was not a planned event – YES it will be used by walking dead fish
    politicians and the elite, BUT not all terrorist events are scripted – this
    one was timely and will do just fine with respect to elitist agendas –
    However, it was not planned …

  • BrotherWoody1

    As often as we’ve heard this message, it always benefits me to hear it
    again. I never tire of asking the question, “Qui bono?” When will we hear
    “circulation may be limited” in our countries? Thanks for your work, James.

  • racebike6160

    Ah yes…i have seen this movie script before 😉 A mass casualty event
    takes place and the lone “supposed” perpetrator is killed or dies somehow
    so no one can ever interrogate them. So convenient for the Governments and
    the Main Stream .. Zionist controlled Media 😉 However, we all just know
    the cause was “Islamic Terrorism” …right.?? No investigation is necessary
    because the media and the Government already knows who committed the act
    and why they committed the act !! Case closed people… no further
    investigation is required ! 😉 .They hate us for our freedoms…. right !!
    😉 Now… lets just get ready and prepare for the third World World that
    Satanist Albert Pike said would be initiated in the last days by the NWO
    bankers to bring in the final world government, ruling out of Jerusalem.
    Now that you have seen this familiar script ..get ready for more for these
    (False Flag) supposed Islamic attacks against western soft targets in
    various countries. You see the Zionists are just carefully preparing us to
    fight the final war of Christianity vs. Islam. They will sit back and laugh
    as we are tricked into giving up all our freedoms and rights….get ready
    to eliminate ourselves so they can inherit the planet. Now I know why they
    (The Zionist) fight so hard to control all the media in all western
    countrys. It’s way to late to do anything about it now.

  • UthinkUkNOwthings

    I bet all those stupid dimwitted brainless millennial anti-brexit
    anti-nationlist might be thinking now I hope that it was best to break from
    EU, now if only they could get rid of all the rats in their country…

  • Dawn Hernandez

    Woot-woot! You’re never too old to learn….that’s the first thing I said
    last night when I heard about this. “You wait and see, Hollande will extend
    the state of emergency.” Bingo. Thank you for being a teacher, James!

  • RealRickyRoss

    … and this is exactly how all US Politicians get around their promises.
    They create a Crisis and they have “no choice” but to continue more War,
    more Debt, more Lies, more Taxes and less Freedom and less Liberties!

  • Tyrion Lannister

    So the solution is for the citizens to take these matters into their own
    hands, root out these terrorist’s and enact retribution on them yourselves.
    French PM Manuel Valls said “France must learn to “*live with terrorism*”.
    The French must not “learn to live with terrorism”. They must rise up
    against a government who has opened wide the door to Islamist’s from the
    Middle East and Africa and purge the country of this scourge.

    Power to the people. Take your country back. Protect your homeland, your
    families and your culture.

  • cycladianpirate

    Even if someone is manipulating a pit bull to attack me, it doesn’t mean
    that I shouldn’t be wary of the pit bull.

  • nanuvasqwibqwib

    The best rich/powerful psychos are dead rich/powerful psychos. The People
    know this to be true. We are many & we need to take the power once and for
    all. We are NOT afraid, we are FURIOUS.

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