Lenon Honor ~ NWA Documentary Update 9-7-15

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Here is a new update video for my new documentary “Niggaz Wit Attitudes ~ A Critical Analysis”. I have completed word counts and phrase analysis for N.W.A’s 4. In this video I share my findings as well as discuss how music has the power to uplift reality, maintain a reality, or devolve a reality.

A word is just a word. But when a word is repeated over and over again the word has more power and influence. The more power and influence that a word has the more of a program that it becomes. A program can ultimate change peoples psychology creating a level of behavior. If negative words and phrases are used over and over again then they become a negative program. Therefore, by counting the most frequent words used by NWA we can determine what the general themes are that are being issued as programs.

The purpose of my documentary is to analyze the lyrical content of N.W.A and outline the keywords and phrases that are used and to determine how people were influenced or programmed while listening to NWA.

Music has the power to uplift a reality for the better. Music has the power to maintain a reality as is. And music has the power to devolve a reality. The question that I ask is, “Did NWA’s music uplift reality, maintain reality, or devolve reality?”

Here are the most frequently used words that are repeated the most on all 4 NWA albums:

(553) Disrespect of Black women
(519) NWA
(34) Posse
(385) Nigga
(345) Self-Aggrandizement
(208) Bitch
(198) Fuck (general use)
(197) Muthafucka
(193) Disrespect of black men
(157) N.W.A.
(36) Posse
(134) Shit
(96) Dick/Tip
(93) Reference to guns
(91) Disrespect of other rappers
(88) General violence against black men
(87) Drugs
(86) Fuck (reference to sex)
(86) Alcohol
(82) Negative references to black female’s bodies
(78) Money
(68) Ass (gen.)
(62) Suck my dick
(52) Fuck the police
(50) Shooting/Shot
(49) Police
(48) Ho
(47) Murder
(45) Pussy
(42) Death
(41) Car
(40) Gangster/Gangs
(32) Ejaculation / Swallowing Cum
(31) Robbery
(31) General violence against black women
(20) Drunk
(20) Violence against the police
(11) Murder of females by NWA members
(10) Murder of Males by NWA members
(10) Police violence against black men
(7) Ass (female buttocks)
(6) High
(5) Sexual Assaults
(4) Prostitution
(4) Balls/Testicles
(3) Sexual assaults against women ~ (1) Gang Rape ~ (1) Oral Rape
(3) Slutty
(2) Sexual assaults against men
(2) Police violence against black women
(1) Sexual Assault against men


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    • Lenon Honor

      +Qmonte Matheny I have been putting in some serious time on this project.
      It is my main production focus right now. More updates to come. Peace.

    • Lena Price

      +Lenon Honor Thanks for responding. It’s sad that so many black men on
      social media support the movie, as if NWA contributed something worthwhile.
      I certainly will not support this movie.

    • Lenon Honor

      +Lena Price
      Entrepreneurial Black men who profit off of the glorification of violence
      against black men, who profit off of the perpetuation of black self-hate,
      and who profit off of the extreme disrespect of black women, should not be

    • Lena Price

      +Lenon Honor Hi Lenon, Do you plan to discuss in your documentary, why so
      many black guys believe it’s important to support the NWA movie. I was
      speaking to one guy online, and he kept stating he is so happy and proud
      that NWAs movie was successful. I mentioned that he should look at your
      videos on NWA. He watched some of the analysis, but later informed me that
      he had no interest in watching another black man, attempt to discredit and
      bring down productive, entrepreneurial black men. I really do not
      understand this mindset. NWA didn’t represent positivity, therefore I do
      not believe they are worthy of such support.

  • chainsaw barbarian

    your documentary sounds really cool man. I did go see straight out of
    Compton a couple weeks ago myself. what a crummy movie. it’s too bad that
    we will never ever hear the true biography of any of these superstars in
    any form of media. I would look pretty cool in my biography movie if I
    produced it too…..ha. hit me up if you do a segment on the occult symbols
    all through the movie…. and NWA’s career. Shit….. just the code put
    into their nicknames is hilarious. Ok, man….. good luck. I am really
    looking forward to watching. I wish I could donate….. I am in your area
    if you need some extra hands. take it easy

  • keith wisdom

    you look like me when i’m working hard to…. wondering if you have
    considered Black Dot’s work on hip-hop history …. I think he
    has analyzed the movie as well. thanks

  • beastmode355

    It was a good movie some of it wasnt true. I seen Alozo williams interviews
    and he was in world class wreckin crew with dre. He said allot that stuff
    wasnt true but it was just for entertainment purposes.

  • amerikarma

    I saw the movie,was terrible. Social engineering in this flic LARGELY…
    Interesting how influential the rappers parents were.
    Racism is competitively institutionalized here. Indeed it was not accurate.
    Money talks & Whitewashing continues. Am sure you will have lots to say
    bout SOC.
    Keep up the good worxx Brother ~ Get that pooper outta here already!

  • AronGoch

    In great anticipation for another highly profound, thought provoking, mind
    expanding, conscious building documentary, by Lenon Honor…Not to be

  • Adnan Bosnjak

    Hey Lenon. I greet you with lots of peace, love and positivity. Make sure
    to get some rest.
    Why is “positivity” underlined red for misspelling, like this word doesn’t

  • IWantMyVisionBack

    A DVD rip of the movie was leaked a couple weeks back. This has happened
    with many other movies yet it didn’t reach the news. I believe it’s the
    Chinese leaking these movies in DVD Quality shortly after they are released
    in theaters because the subtitles are always in Chinese.

    The DVd rip did have parts cut out like parts with nudity.

    Anyways, the movie wasn’t that great in my opinion. It was an okay movie.

  • greenrpastures

    I’m honestly not surprised by what you said about the movie being
    inaccurate. I’ve watched your critical analysis videos so I know you’re
    well-versed on the subject. I haven’t seen the film yet, I plan on seeing
    it when it pops up on Netflix. Anyway, I will donate what I can as soon as
    I can. Your advice and insights have really helped me in the past few years
    since I found your channel so I’d love to help you out.

  • asianbarbie1

    lenobn you really do figure everything out by ur self! like ur washing
    machine and now the computer. i respect that ur so self suffiecent!


    Leon, I subbed! You make good sense, however you have a beautiful soft tone
    and sound but it is hard to hear. Please be a little louder…thanksJust
    made a donation, that’s what I think of you n your lovely wife

    • Lenon Honor

      +TRACK PETERSON Thanks for your support. I will be sure to raise the audio
      on the videos where my voice is to low. This happens whenever I record
      videos when I am tired. I recorded this video when I was very tired which
      is why I look so fatigued in this video. Peace.

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