BREAKING NEWS: 28 Pages Prove 9/11 Was An Inside Job

In this video Luke Rudkowski breaks down the latest news of the 28 page release of the 9/11 report showing how Saudi Arabia used spies to launder money to 9/11 hijackers. This is huge news that everyone should know about and if enough people raise their concerns there should have huge repercussions. Share this video because no one else will help get this important news out but you and invest in us on because we can only continue our work with your donations.


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  • BajaGirl302

    Okay, for one, this report is not saying anything. Look up the 9/11
    hijackers on Google. A lot are still alive. Another point, not one site had
    any plane parts, and the world trade centers, were built to withstand 2 727
    plane crashes. And it is physically impossible for a plane to fly some 528
    mph at that altitude. So you mean to tell me these so called hijackers, who
    trained on little planes could fly these planes? Not! And they were
    supposedly short men. No way would they ever get into the cockpit. Pilots
    would never ever open that door, even if people were getting killed, and
    people calling from their cell phones? Really? Check out the facts. And
    what about building 7? Coming down in a controlled demo? Oh yes this was an
    inside job. To bad they did a shit job covering it up. Our government is
    not our friend

  • zac BuuD

    Still not explain how three buildings fell and the hijackers who couldn’t
    fly a simple training plane and yet all hit their targets at impossible
    speeds and angles..

  • Truth Report

    if it has anything redacted.. or blacked out it is not full release…
    there is so many lies still to be discovered.. it is not acceptable that
    anything is redacted

  • IM Sayldog

    How convenient that this would “come out” on a news day that has a) the
    Nice terror truck and b) a military coup in Turkey.
    Just watched the network evening news and not a peep out of them regarding

  • Davaughn Ahlstedt

    That means that everyone killed in Iraq were murdered on false
    allegations!!!!! And the White House is liable

  • Brad Fuller

    yadda yadda yadda…if the US Govt released this limited hangout blaming
    the Sauds you can bet there’s more to this release than meets the eye, if
    this is legit.

  • William Roach

    Rothschild and his new wife sit on a balcony the day that the Twin Towers
    got destroyed and watched it Luke this is Miss Direction man pay attention

  • lonnie h

    Please don’t believe everything you hear/read. Especially when it comes
    from the government. Diversionary tactics. I’m sure the more accurate
    facts/motives are much more alarming.

  • fionns da

    Smells like they have something cooked up for the Saudis, and look over
    here here theres a coup in Turkey going on…….. timing and speed

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