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Richie discusses how the establishment is trying to prevent Brexit and why. He talks about the courage of the former footballers who have come forward to talk about being sexually abused. Richie also analyses today’s Sunday Mail story, which claims that those who have accused former PM Edward Heath of child abuse, are merely fantasizing. Please support the show by donating at

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  • Steve WideAwake

    Boycott all news medias that cover up for these fuckers, stop paying bbc tv
    licence, stop buying these newspapers and call them out!

  • Marcus Maher

    Two homeless guys perished Richie…they were trying to keep
    warm…homelessness is a scourge of the policies of the current govt who
    don’t give a shit…

  • mary jane

    we dont have false memory, distorted memory of a real situation maybe, but
    not false, only a repressed memory can be victim to these lies

  • Fatime Oomyadin

    Great info again, Mr. Allen.
    Mr. Trump already maaged in the few days since his historical landslide
    victory over the evil bitch Hillary that he really is the zionist shill
    many people had been saying he was.

  • aj chef

    watch Italian referendum this week coming . and Austria deciede on far left
    president the same day . if both work out the eu in big trouble by nxt
    sunday . don’t hole euros folks

  • Chemical Trails

    Getting sick of your Infowars bashing… Jones is far more clued on and
    upfront than you are Richie… and he doesn’t support undercover socialists
    either *cough Corbyn cough*
    You’re just jelly.

  • Jason Jones

    I paused the video at 1:28. I heard you chuckle about the recall. Because
    of the fact that Hillary is corrupt to the point of child sex scandals this
    IS NOT a funny situation. It has already been proven fact that she
    attempted to steal the elections because of the mass amount of arrests for
    voter fraud for Hillary. Not Trump. This is another attempt to steal the
    election. May I ask you why chuckled about this?

  • crpnskie

    Well It’s good to hear that there is another gentleman in this world who
    enjoys his own company on a Saturday night while his girlfriend is away. I
    was in the same space but my girlfriend and I broke up a few weeks ago. It
    had to be done. So my “studio” is a running/cycling path along the Ottawa
    River in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. I headed out at 4:30 pm with my light
    winter runner outfit on and my lights so I can be seen by cyclists and
    walkers who don’t wear lights when it is pitch dark out there. Beautiful
    late fall night; air was crisp; footing was excellent; and the crows were
    all nuts in one area along the path. My rhythm was steady and strong. The
    songs beating in my head were “Running On Empty” by Jackson Brown (I’m 63
    and have been running for 50 years) and “Take It Easy” by the Eagles. At
    times there were no songs or thought…peaceful. After ninety made it home
    to my four feline companions who greeted me at the door sniffing the fresh
    air on my clothes. A perfect evening. I always enjoy your shows Richie.
    Thank you.

  • Matt x69x

    good old daily mail, the source of all the worlds mis-information… I was
    chatting with my dad about Ted heath, he said it was well know he was a
    nonce way back when.

  • Paul Outdoors

    Hello Richie. Could you please ask David why his DI forum is locking out
    members after asking polite and pertinent questions of the Forum moderators
    and forum advisors. This has happened to me today. No better than Facebook.

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