Sandra Fecht “Satanic Abuse Is Real. Patients Memories Are NOT Fake. This Is Part Of The Cover-Up!”

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  • judy mohre

    I listened to a video of an interview of a 15 year girl who was involved in
    the satanic rituals through her evil grandmother. She had abortions by
    these sick people, was forced to eat part of one of the babiesvthat was
    born. And now she has a small child which was born and I believe the child
    is now four. She hid that child.

  • Nelson Strazza

    time this whole SRA in high places wS exposed and those doing the abuse
    were hung high and dry, clean this filth off this planet, dont care who
    they “think” they are they are not human

  • reffoelcnu alouncelal

    It’s just surfaced there were nearly 300 kids went missing in West Virginia
    over the last couple of years and it’s within spitting distance of
    Washington DC ,But don’t expect any MSM to connect the dots ,this goes to
    deep for it ever to come out they will collapse the economy rather than
    this all surface ,

  • MrMartGonzo

    Excerpt from a letter by William Freyd, the brother of Peter Freyd (founder
    of the false memory syndrome foundation) :

    Peter Freyd is my brother. Pamela Freyd is both my stepsister and
    sister-in-law. Jennifer and Gwendolyn [their daughters] are my nieces.
    There is no doubt in my mind that there was severe abuse in the home of
    Peter and Pam, while they were raising their daughters. Peter said (on your
    show, ‘Divided Memories’) that his humor was ribald. Those of us who had to
    endure it, remember it as abusive at best and viciously sadistic at worst.

    The False Memory Syndrome Foundation is a fraud designed to deny a reality
    that Peter and Pam have spent most of their
    lives trying to escape. There is no such thing as a False Memory Syndrome.
    It is not, by any normal standard, a Foundation.

    Neither Pam nor Peter have any significant mental health expertise. That
    the False Memory Syndrome Foundation has been able to excite so much media
    attention has been a great surprise to those of us who would like to admire
    and respect the objectivity and motives of people in the media.

    Neither Peter’s mother (who was also mine), nor his daughters, nor I have
    wanted anything to do with Peter and Pam for periods of time ranging up to
    more than two decades. We do not understand why you would ‘buy’ such an
    obviously flawed story. But buy it you did, based on the severely biased
    presentation you made of the memory issue that Peter and
    Pam created to deny their own difficult reality. For the most part you
    presented very credible parents and frequently quite incredibly bizarre and
    exotic alleged victims and therapists.
    Balance and objectivity would call for the presentation of more credible
    alleged victims and more bizarre parents, While you did present some highly
    regarded therapists as commentators, most of the therapists you presented
    as providers of therapy were clearly not in the mainstream. While this
    selection of examples may make for much more interesting television, it
    certainly does not make for more objectivity and fairness. I would advance
    the idea that ‘Divided Memories’ hurt victims, helped abusers and confused
    the public. I wonder why you thought these results would be in the public
    interest that Public broadcasting is funded to support.”

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