Richie “Facebook Has Kettled The Alternative Media Into A Place Where We Can Be Controlled Easily.”

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  • Jon Dhoe

    What’s kettling? The retards signed up for it. They could have invented
    something better but instead took the bait. Come on, don’t give them credit
    for being smart. Richie you are losing it. Check your fluoride level.

  • the51project

    Exactly why I left FaceBook a few weeks ago. I posted only the facts the
    mainstream media does not, as do a lot of my friends there – but the FB
    algorithm is designed only to show people what ‘they want’ to see – and
    most people are still living lives of trivia – I started looking through
    friends feeds (who were much more gregarious than me and had hundreds or
    1,000+ friends) – when they posted simple ‘holiday type’ photos – they’d
    get 40+ likes immediately – but post a photo of Gaza or anything ‘serious’
    – 2 or 3 likes (always from like-minded friends). FaceBook is designed at
    the outset as an information ghetto – the FB algorithms keep people apart.
    Before the Iraq invasion – and before FaceBook – over 3 million people
    organised themselves to meet in London and march for peace – the dominance
    of FaceBook in people’s lives today has now, I believe, made that scenario
    more UNLIKELY. FaceBook is designed same as TV – another mindless
    distraction. People who post truth get isolated by design into their own
    ghettos to talk with like minds, and be kept inside a controlled box. It
    also swamps people with more information than they can handle, and leads to
    paralysis of action.

  • Tambara Lilly

    Yup welcome to the 21st century Orwellian nightmare that is current life,
    but worry not Richie pretty sure it’s all gonna come crashing down soon
    enough, maybe then they’ll listen hey, till then we just keep on keeping
    on, never give up my friend x

  • Billye Martin

    i use fb to speead the word about important issues. right now i post only
    about standing rock and flint michigan. it amazes me that people post pics
    of their children when there are so many pedophiles out there.

  • Billye Martin

    i got unfriended and cussed out for posting about hillary clintons record
    on syria, haiti and libya. they did not want anyone saying anything
    negative about hillary. i was shocked that people i had been friends with
    for years got so angry and unfriended me over hillary!

  • Bogdan Sikorski

    never been on fb💩 and always told everyone who was they were morons👊
    quit that shit and let’s make it collapse under its crap😂

  • Elizabeth di Massio

    Strange how I couldn’t comment on Facebook and had to come to youtube to do
    it. Richie – you are a hypocrite. Just look back at the way you treated me
    when I dared to make an observation/comment to you. You hurt my feelings
    very badly. You were unkind.

  • People Power

    The whole digital world is a system of controls that could be used against
    you. FB is the main cattle pen for consciousness alignment, but don’t think
    it’s the only one. Search engines, recommendations, trending, adverts, even
    the predictive text feature all nudge our conscience stream in “the right
    direction”. Combine that with the all data they have on each and every us,
    they can manipulate even the most rebellious man alive. And that’s just the
    least dangerous motivations, God knows the real possibilities. lol Be
    mindful people!

  • ultrafloss492

    Lol, you think you are able to safe people from the big bad wolf? You can’t
    use mainstream for alternative media. If you want to get the message
    through you must play the same game. People who are interested and who are
    waking up will find the right resources after trial and error but till then
    it’s their own choice to see or not to see.

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