Launching a Homestead Project in Texas!

Derrick Broze discusses the beginning of a new homesteading project being organized by activists from the Houston area and around Texas. The basic idea is to buy land in Texas by the end of 2016/early 2017 and form a community of individuals based on the principles of non-aggression, permaculture/sustainability, and mindfulness. The goal is to make the community a hub for education, creation, and networking. The community will focus on becoming independent from all corporate and state systems (power, internet, food, economy, defense) through counter-economic activity.

More information on our inspirations and resources:

What is a Freedom Cell?

Creating Freedom w/ Vertical and Horizontal Agorism

Organizing Against Violent Cops

Josiah Warren, his ideas and communities,_Ohio

Karl Hess and his community books

Find more videos like this at:


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  • phbastoss

    Great work man!
    I live in Brazil and i`m going to buy a small piece of land behind a long
    time frind of mine who is working with permaculture and selling veggies in
    the street market…
    This is the way!
    We are in the same path! Great job! Keep bringing light to people!

  • Jaded Sofa

    I’m a landowner (renter) in Texas, I’ve thought about this before and I
    agree that application is the only way to find solutions that work. Thanks
    for posting information and please keep us updated!

  • Michael .Stott

    I notice the opposition is listening to us Derrick. and are buying all the
    free acres in the west, have you noticed this?. I want to do what Adam and
    you are doing in ventura County ca. but the rich are buying and lending to

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