Shrimpton: “German Intelligence Using Child Abuse To Blackmail UK Politicians, To Prevent Brexit!”

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  • Vanya Paterson

    Rachael Hopkins aka Richard Hopkins. Probably signed the contract as
    Richard Hopkins and was able to breach it post op when he changed his name
    to Rachael.

  • Stephen Curnow

    So why not use British intelligence to disclose information about EU
    perverts in high places. It would seem that paedophilia in high places has
    been rife for millenia, where the worst of child abuses, though rare, has
    involved ritualistic murder.

  • Rockguitarnow

    I’ve listened to this guy Shrimpton before, and he seems somewhat too eager
    to believe all sorts of wild stories without seeing factual evidence.
    Merely claiming some official’s emails were intercepted is not 100%
    evidence. Since the Internet first opened up, it has always been rather
    easy to make it appear as if the person had been sending emails about child
    sex, especially for a public figure certain groups would love to run an
    extortion op on. We really must ask ourselves, how many public officials
    who hold positions of real power, how many of them would actually use an
    email address to talk about child sex? No one would do that. Everyone knows
    by now that emails leave tracks, especially a public figure. If someone
    high up actually is involved in molesting children, most likely he is
    involved with a high level pedophile ring that forbids talking about it
    over the Internet.

    With all due respect for this gentleman Shrimpton, he seems way too eager
    to speak for 10 or 15 minutes straight talking about supposed evidence he
    heard about, not which e saw in person, but which he merely heard about.

  • Si Slater

    By German does Mr Shrimpton mean, NUTO member modern Germany, surviving
    remnants and a culture of German nazis, the pan eurapean German monarchy (
    windsors here), largely ex German powerful bankster families, an initially
    Germany based secret society, or a German speaking Swiss
    organisation????not listened yet as the vid is in my casting queue. Hmmm I
    thought uk intel involvement in at the very least Kincorra Boys Home had
    been legally established and that elm guest house was just waiting for the
    legalities to be established, mwaning that uk intel does use paedophilia as
    a disgusting tool and indeed it is cultural throughout europe and has been
    since the Roman empire took over.

  • Basicallybenign

    You know where Michael Shrimpton is coming from Ritchie, why keep
    resurrecting the old arguments about the Rothschilds and the New World
    Order when you both disagree on this?

  • Jørg 1

    Shrimpton is not to be trusted, he can’t differentiate between he’s
    fiction-righting and reality. Don’t trust this guy at al, pompous and not
    grounded in reality i believe.

  • Rainy Daze

    Has anyone looked at the marvellous work of Richard D Hall regarding the
    McCann case? His recent interview with Peter Hyatt is very revealing and
    appears to be credible. If Mr Shrimpton is so convinced he knows there was
    a kidnap in this case and seems to know the names of the perpetrators, why
    oh why is nothing being done about it?

  • angela tate

    Oh Richie, Shrimpton is an MI6 operative, anything he says is completely
    adulterated and distorted. He speaks a sprinkling of truth with a whole
    waterfall of lies, the man’s a gatekeeper.

  • Penelope Mars

    RICHIE you rock! i am italian and i listen at you and David and others like
    you all the time and i am not sure if i be in here (London) for too long if
    the brexit goes aweol but i will be listening in Italy ! keep the good

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