New “Genius” Show Sells Einstein as The Smartest Man Who Ever Lived But It’s a LIE

National Geographic aired a new show, “Genius” focusing on the life of Einstein, claiming he solved the mysteries of the universe despite being hated by Germans for being Jewish. In reality, Einstein was a plagiarist, communist, Zionist and a fraud. He is a constructed myth.

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  • Kaikhosru Shapurji Sorabji

    Lana, Henrik, I respect your show. I respect your interviews. I respect Red Ice’s general message of preserving Western Europe’s future as it faces threats from the political left and the globalist elite. I also respect this attempt to debunk a false portrait of this cultural hero who was in actually anything but, and would have gladly seen segments of Europe–his own cultural home, his Judaism be damned–destroyed because he was an anti-white Marxist nutcase.

    But neither of you are scientifically literate and it shows in your critique of Einstein’s work from the 6:00 mark. Everything from your misunderstanding of how scientific work builds on top of past work to not knowing what a scientific theory is to your godawful mispronunciations of German and French scientist names. I mean you can’t even get your stories right: for example, regarding the photoelectric effect, Heinrich Hertz had observed and wrote about it but it wasn’t until Einstein’s discovery of the photon (which, yes, built on Max Planck’s on work) that this effect actually started to make sense (it had puzzled physicists for a good part of the 19th century). And of course Hertz wouldn’t have earned the Nobel because not only the prize did not exist until 1901 (several years after Hertz’s death), but Einstein had resolved a paradox that had eluded scientists for decades. Also, as far as the Lorentz-Einstein connection is concerned, Einstein first called his theory of relativity the “Lorentz-Einstein theory” because Lorentz laid the mathematical fundamentals for the work.

    This is painful and creationist-level stupidity and you should both be ashamed. You want to talk about the awful person Einstein was, and how he has an unearned reputation of “genius” in the common consciousness? Be my guest, and I’ll support you all the way. But don’t do this kind of crap. You’re doing a disservice to the legitimate scientific minds in the alt-right (John Derbyshire immediately comes to mind).

  • Vaughn Utube

    Those same critics strongly believed, at a slightly earlier time, that a heavier than air machines could not fly … and that false impression of the universe, we live in now, was imagined long before Einstein’s time. But you are right – based on the facts of his personal life – Einstein likely was not an honourable man.

  • Nordic Contempt

    You want super brilliant physicist try Bohr,Heisenberg,Planck…these doctors were next level ethereal geniuses…..gee… what did they all have in common.Odal

  • Barbro Gillström

    He came up with a theory by wich the ether could be dismissed.
    In the square universe these people want there was and is no place for anything wich cannot be explained in words.
    That is why he was made God of science.
    I have long been waiting for a common wakeup to this fact.

  • Iɴᴛʀᴇᴘɪᴅ Aɴᴅ Cʀᴜᴇʟ

    British males can’t get enough Jewish sausage in their mouths, the little transgender materialistic faggots. The British are the enablers. They’re the reason the Jewish plague is everywhere.

  • Arcesious

    Forgive me but I have a nitpick in that you seem to be confusing moral relativism with the theory of relativity. Clearly, this ‘Genius’ show seems to have the hallmarks of propaganda and an agenda, and you’ve prompted me to research Einstein’s past further myself with this video, but as far as these concepts go one is not the other. Correct me if I’ve misinterpreted, but it appears that either you accidentally didn’t clarify this or you do not understand the difference. It doesn’t matter in the context of scientific utility if Einstein stole the concept or not, if it was imperfect at the time of proposal or not, what matters specifically here is that it has helped explain and is shown by the collected data that relativity of space/time is a reality of physics. We assume it in the study of astronomy and in the design of our particle accelerators, which just so happen to accomplish what they were built to do as a result, for goodness sake. Moral relativism is a completely different issue having to do with the human valuation of preferable and unpreferable behaviors.

  • hasen195

    5:30 are you serious? everything is relative and it’s “just a theory”? Do the world a favor and don’t talk about science.

    You can disagree with a scientist’s political views without making an idiot of yourself. You know *nothing* about physics so better not embarrass yourself by talking about it.

    Einstein’s theory does not say that light travels at the same speed. That was a well known observation (and a puzzling phenomenon). He created a theoretical framework that explains the phenomenon.

  • Geoff Heisenberg

    God she’s an idiot. Einstein’s theory of special relativity has nothing to do moral relativism. This was embarrassing.

  • White Libertarian

    His amazing work killed 146,000 people. Such a humanitarian! Pay no attention to the Jew behind the curtain!

  • Nina Verenac

    “Genius”… LMAO. —- Thief and a cheater.

    Stole everything from Mileva Maric, mathematician – his first wife, whom he divorced and married his first cousin.
    Stole projects and ideas from Max Planck and Henri Poincaré…and many other scientists at that time…
    My cat is smarter than this fraud for a scientist.

    There is an excellent PBS documentary “Einstein’s Wife” – will open many eyes.

  • AffiliatePro

    Right! right! right! right!!! STOP!!!!!!!! You all are starting to sound like the Young Jerks!!!! Fucking Christ, what is with people and saying “right” ever other fucking word today!!!!! Fuck!!! Right?

  • Steve Misosky

    “In spite of all the humiliating defeats Einstein met in the scientific world, a pro-
    Einstein press stuck by him and unfairly smeared those who legitimately criticized
    him. Some of his critics were highly respected Nobel Prize winning physicists, but
    this did not inhibit the pro-Einstein press from attacking their reputations merely
    because they had dared to disagree with the racist Zionist Albert Einstein, on purely
    scientific matters. “

  • Janelle Mckinley

    Yes, extremely aggravating. Since I first listened to Bjerknes I notice rarely a day goes by that I don’t hear Einstein mentioned even by people that should know better.

  • Problematic Bob

    Einstein’s political beliefs and personal failings are well worth discussing, but you’re WAY off on the science.

    Oh, and moral relativism has nothing to do with relativity.

  • MeebleMeeble

    The reason NASA hasn’t been properly funded for decades is because its most important contributor was Wernher Von Braun, an ex-Nazi rocket scientist. They didn’t want to make a former Nazi a national hero.

  • Darkalex987 / King of Westeros *

    Good to have someone exposing this Fraud (tho i disagree about the theory of relativity).

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