Antonio Guterres, New UN Head to Flood Europe with Migrants

We talk about the new UN secretary general António Guterres, the former Prime Minister of Portugal, who is yet another globalist elite pushing for the eradication of sovereign European nations. He was also the head of Socialist International which claims to be working towards a “fairer world.”

We connect the Socialist International agenda with Third Way politics that was spearheaded by Tony Blair & Bill Clinton, both proponents of mass migration, eradication of borders and enemies of national sovereignty.

This is an excerpt from the twentieth episode of Weekend Warrior, a live show available to Red Ice Members.

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  • jcee 123

    lol fighting against populism the definition of which is the belief that
    power should be held by the people not elites and then spouting bullshit
    about “freedom” and “democracy”.

  • Polly Thurkettle

    he’s right, we should flood his own homeland with millions of unskilled
    “migrants” of incompatible cultures so that portugal too, can be
    “culturally enriched”. “third way” politics is basically Maoism – socialism
    under a jack boot. Once they’ve centralised the wealth generation
    capabilities of the planet, and finished building their wireless tracking
    grid, they’ll use technology to microchip everybody and suppress the
    resulting chaos using “smart” technology and their cashless society. The
    vision of these psychopaths has always been to create order out of the
    chaos. They want a dumbed down, microchipped population, subservient to a
    one world government. The technocrats will retain a tiny elite, sufficient
    to keep the wheels of their technocracy moving and ruthlessly crack down on
    ANY dissent or opposition.

  • frederick pace

    Barbarians and professional victims who hate there host countries .Sold out
    by our own Governments . Borders are there and have been there for a damned
    good reasons

  • B How?

    if it has happened many times in history, then you should have no problem
    naming two nations that have risen from the ashes and become great after
    losing Wars and being in cultural decline. And it is telling that you
    believe it is nihilistic to believe that the citizenship worldview is
    defunct. It only means that there is no comprehension of anything else. But
    citizenship is only one light in an entire sky of constellations. there is
    something else. Rather than saying ” I am a citizen and I know my rights!”
    we could say, “We own this world, and especially this country.” But much
    harder than saying it, is acting it. taking a new idea to the world is
    where the literal fighting begins, with both left and right zombies,
    including many in the far right–like the idiot hammerheads.

  • B How?

    A lot of people are unafraid of dying, and are flippant about it. It’s
    usually the “I’m going to die right now?” part where we find so much less

  • BrotherSpartacus

    *”We like to call it the Third Way”* – Lady Rothschild to Sky News’ Adam
    Boulton. It’s not Blair’s plan, obviously.

  • Random Luck

    Make no mistake about it… if you were able to read portuguese comment
    sections, under the popular news channels on facebook, you will see that
    most people despise this guy. Believe it or not, he resigned as Prime
    Minister of Portugal claiming his own country to be a swamp. The thing that
    worries me the most is that a lot of rural people are still far from being
    red-pilled. On the other hand people living in Lisbon suburbs they express
    their opinions overwhelmingly against massive immigration. When the migrant
    crisis started in 2015 i would say it was 50/50, but now, everytime we see
    an article talking about migrant bad behavior, people explode in rage. Even
    when the major networks put some cultural marxist filth, people write for
    them to shut up and stop lying.

  • alexsim011

    The UN is nothing but a big human resource department for leftist political
    apparatchik that want to continue to parasite off of the taxpayer, except
    this is on a world level. The damage they did in their respective
    countries, they continue on an international level.

  • Feenix

    Teenage Afghan immigrant is arrested in Germany after the 19-year-old
    daughter of a senior EU official was raped and murdered while out jogging
    Maria Ladenburger was found in a river in Freiburg, where she studied
    A single strand of hair was found and matched to the migrant suspect
    He was identified by a single strand of dyed-blond hair at the scene
    According to police, he has confessed and will go to court next year
    It has stoked anger against Angela Merkel’s open-door immigration policy

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