Everyone Knows NZ Is Corrupt Except Kiwis, Vinny Eastwood Rant

Everyone Knows NZ Is Corrupt Except Kiwis, Vinny Eastwood Rant

It’s becoming more apparent to the international community that New Zealand is far from the least corrupt country in the world. The spectre of money laundering, tax evasion and a corrupt justice system is now becoming visible, it’s just a question of if the sleepy kiwis figure that out before it’s too late.


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  • Laura Hewart

    don’t think thats specific to New Zealand,know its the case here in UK. People can see corruption in other peoples garden but are oblivious to the set of foxes slowly fattening up n dumbing down the chickens in their own Bk yards…..its like a acme cartoon where the stupid fat chickens are gullibly clucking about peck up the trails of tasty seeds that ‘appears’ from nowhere in front of them whilst the greedy foxes start licking their lips,knife n fork in hand, eating the eggs waiting on the main course! Yes there are certain discrepancies with the analogy but there’s a scary amount more similarities!!
    Despite the facts that suddenly people dying of cancer in their 30/40s is no longer a shocking rarity when it happens to someone in your immediate circle of family and friends as it was 10/15yrs ago but is now becoming almost mundane (personally up til 2010 Id known a total of 5people who’d died of cancer in my 29 years to date. in the 6years that followed that number has sky rocketed to 31,and thats just the people who’ve died of it not the people who’ve had/have it!!!) yet to the average man/woman in the street they believe the headlines claiming we’re living longer/healthier/higher quality lives!!!!
    The NHS is being blatantly demolished and picked off from the top down yet no one questions the fact that prior to the health care reforms of 2012 in which private companies cld bid for NHS contracts whist still being allowed to use NHS logos (supposedly to improve the quality of health care patients wld receive by whipping the wasteful lazy NHS into shape!!!)the NHS was actually at a all time high regards successful cancer treatment levels,patient satisfaction & all time low waiting tines. within 5years the NHS is on its knees.
    people can see corruption, sometimes, when its pointed out to b happening to other people. when it involves them and their government/country the shutters aren’t just down they’re padlocked shut!

  • liz argall

    you rule Vinny…..here in AUSTRALIA is as corrupt as NZ ….did you here about the parents who are being demonized for protecting their son Chase from the supposed help from Queensland medical gang …….Police declared an AMBER ALERT..

  • T hughes

    Not as corrupt as australia. Malcom turdfull and his billionaire jewish wife are pushing vaccinations to the point you cant have kids and definately cant take them to school. Every second kid is autistic amongst other problems. The water and food is poison and everything is sold to jewish corporations. Turdfull and his wife have stocks in big Pharma.
    Im outer here.
    Great show Vinnie

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