False Flag Exposed Caught Red Handed and Prevented

In this video, we give you the latest news of a false flag that has been prevented in Germany, the historical context of false flags, and importance in current politics.

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  • justice4germans

    so you speak about false flag terrorism when it’s reported in the MSM.. you should be talking about it with each and every terror attack because they are almost all government staged and usually with no real victims.

  • Matthew Buckles

    This is all Zionist. Ashkenazi Jews are trying to destroy you. Islam is not the enemy. ISIS is American and Israel government.

  • Wael Ali

    Prophet Jacob peace be upon him sons came crying in the evening to their father with false blood on prophet Yousef peace be upon him clothes and said that the wolf had eaten him

  • Justin Walz

    This channel is just getting better. You guys really nail it when it comes to truth and unbiased news. Refreshing when even majority alt news is totally biased. There is another channel called Israeli news live that does a great job too. Steven Binun who founded is well connected also. You guys two channels match up and do some material would be fantastic.

  • Praise KEK

    How about double false flag? Staging something that looks like Putin’s plot to mess with german politics?

  • Aaron Kasparov (2976)

    They’re not _”refugees”,_ so why would you call them that? That’s Fake News.

    Have you talked about how it’s illegal to question the so-called _”Holocaust”_ in Germany?

  • Painter Mike

    why would this trigger the right? we all know that Islam is being used by the globalist as their controlled op boogyman. it doesn’t matter that Islam is actually a real threat. its not different than how they used the Nazis. of course Hitler was a threat. that doesn’t meant he was not used by his very enemies to further their agenda

  • roksho1

    The story you are reporting “IS” the false flag to create sympathy for immigrants which is what the elite want. They are showing immigrants that they are on their side and will protect them..think..why is this the only “false flag” detected and prevented…because they wanted this story out there. It makes “police” look heroic and immigrants look victimized…the perfect globalist narrative!

  • Social Piranha

    If he was targeting politicians rather than pedestrians then I don’t see a problem here. It is politicians who sanction this rape and destruction of Europe.

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