PhilosophiCat – How To Talk to Normies & Agitators Posing As Alt-Right Men

PhilosophiCat is a nationalist YouTuber who loves politics, philosophy, and cats.

PhilosophiCat joins us for an insightful conversation on nationalism, multiculturalism, and the survival of the West. We first learn about her upbringing, including how she came to be a race realist. Next, we ponder why many White people are seemingly indifferent to the survival of their group. This leads to a discussion on White guilt. PhilosophiCat argues that there is something about ethnic Europeans that makes them uniquely prone to guilt – a trait that has been weaponized against us. The show also covers differences between Right-wing and Left-wing political movements, degeneracy in mass media, and the experience of women in the Alt-Right.

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  • NwoDispatcher

    (((MGTOW))) is a mental crutch because they have lost faith in the future. MGTOW is how they rationalize abandoning the future, avoid family, and women.

    they push the dumb blonde Meme because to sell onesself, you have to make the target feel inferior.

     libertarianism and nationalism is compatible. The nation is a creation to collectivize private property. If done in the private voluntary sector, harmonizes very well.

    *white sharia sounds like bait from a leftist meme generator*

  • Silly Rabbit

    What does she mean by “agitator?” Is she talking about us who were deplorable before it was cool, have lost our patience and want conflict with the opposition that wants to eradicate us?

  • Zen Metheus

    PhilosophiCat is a great. Hearing her in an interview for the first time brings home to me just how authentic she is. She knows her stuff, she thinks in depth. She’s passionate and has a lot of interesting things to say. Great interview.

  • KillAllCulturalMarxists

    Well I live in New Jersey and every girl here is a complete slut and all the ones that aren’t are taken. I think White Sharia may definitely be needed in places like NJ and California. These women are a different breed. If you don’t live here you don’t know.

  • Darren Swift

    This is the best discussion I’ve heard in a while. I’ve gotta say you’ve changed my mind about MGTOW, and yours truly is a 65 year old spinster MGTOW. Just say so and I’ll sign my cryogenics over to you. I’m serious and I actually have some. And I really dig the powdered doughnut cat….

  • Jack Burton

    Why do Europeans have a guilt complex? Christianity and Jewish control of media, academia and politics. I disagree with KMac that whites are just genetically prone to pathological altruism and ethnomasochism, as Africans and Asians are not Christian on the whole and they don’t have Jews constantly attacking them and controlling their media.

  • Bryce Boepple

    Wow she speaks very brilliantly. Thorough understanding of communicating the message to people who are comfortable with things as they are. Excellent talk.

  • Jordan F.

    On the case of feminism I agree, most women are not feminists and they are the minority. The problem however is the laws that are in place do favor women tremendously in the west, especially regarding children. It’s a sad state that makes men hold back and be concerned when considering a relationship. Please note, I’m not arguing for he case of MGTOW as that’s the opposite end of the spectrum. But until the laws reflect a more even keel, ones not put in by either end of the spectrum when it comes to families especially, this will probably continue to happen.
    Full disclosure as I find it important. This is coming from the lens of single father raising his daughter, who was the stay at home parent because yes, dad at home raising, protecting and teaching my child? For me personally, I don’t see a lose in that situation. For not the standard role no, but it suits me and my abilities well and I am there side by side with my child and I’ll be there when she needs or wants me to be.

  • Quick Fix Lunatic

    BEAUTIFUL White cat, beautiful White women! We WILL NOT accept extinction. War be upon us. War be accepted , as the solution.

  • Colin Mcinnis

    Majority of the people in the U.S. live our Culture and they don’t even realize it! Its like breathing air. Ya know we do it everyday so much we tend to take it for granted,then we forget about it! Actually until recently alot of people around the world wanted to be American and go to America! Well they still want in but don’t respect us,Not All! I’m very proud of Americans of how we are standing up all across America for Free Speech etc.. ! Even the Patriots in England,Germany,France have noticed and our Brothers and sisters over there still look to us to carry the Torch of Freedom And with Trump And Standing up for our Rights I believe We are!!! Don’t get me wrong alot more Whites’ need to get active because we have our work cut out for us!! Thanks!

  • The Spanish Inquisition

    Reeeeetard: “White people dont have a culture”

    Reeeeeeesponse: “And im batman”

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