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  • Mark Haushahn

    I’ve always wondered why an ABM system that is supposed to defend against
    Iran has to be in NE Poland! Logic says that if you are trying to defend
    against Iran you would put it in Turkey, Bulgaria, Greece, Romania or

  • nikto2000

    I agree about the fact that the youth who had the rug pulled from
    underneath them and saddled with 19 trillion in debt….they will cut
    Social Security as soon as they get control. Dont expect those you screw
    over to take care of you.

  • Miles-From-Home

    lets see, if I keep working harder to make less money mabey I could
    actually take a risk, but wait Itake those risks everyday and when I get my
    paycheck Im like hurray! I can buy food and fuck my bills cuz I dont need a
    place to live….this place is and has been on the downhill slope for some
    time and it isnt getting better. So invest in my buddies realty company!
    fuck, this is what is wrong man, nobody can afford shit, they are all in
    debt and if you say you are not then you lie

  • Space Whale

    What good is it going to do me to “move all my eggs out of one basket” if
    all my eggs get incinerated in a nuclear war?

  • Max Maxed

    fucking Putin, he always make it look like he has nothing to do with
    massacre in Ukraine and with annexation of Crimea.
    damn, please let 2017 get there sooner so there is revolution in Russia

  • Max Maxed

    !!!A translation is WRONG in this video. He doesn’t say “the world is being
    pulled in an irreversible direction”!!!!!
    He says ‘the world is being pulled in a completely different dimension”!!!
    Who does translation job for you Chris, get their asses whipped.

  • Gordon Tickle

    Lets face it folks the USA have around 180 foreign bases and Russia has 3,
    if Russia was playing mass war games in Mexico or Canada that would be
    Russian aggression but as NATO is all over the Baltic’s with troupes, Navy
    and air force I think it is the West who is the aggressor hear. Our fathers
    fought for peace in the second world war are we to let them take us into a
    conflict that the people don’t want? Perhaps Russia should reintroduce
    missiles in to Cuba and see how the US scream foul play! BTW. I am a white
    Brit who only wants to live in peace.

  • Kevin Huddle

    I’m sorry dude, but really? Throwing in a real estate ad right in the
    middle of a WW3 warning vid? The fuck?

  • Min Hur

    the best time to invest in real estate is after a crash, like in 2008.
    blackstone is currently selling some of their real estate holdings to its

  • mrharyjessica

    idk if you have a video on it, but do you really believe anonymous when
    they say there will be major repercussions and other issues after the
    president is chosen? thanks for your time man

  • Jami Ross

    Ramifications of it all are terrible. I love Phoenix, have called it my
    home for some tome Chris.

    People do not realize how huge and wonderful the City is, think there are
    seventeen different metropolitan city’s in the valley. Correct me if im

    The ramifications of a Nuclear event happening in the valley alone is over
    a million people will die in a flash.

    Flat Landers have no where to go. The devastation will cripple one of
    America’s largest industrial hubs in the nation.

    It’s definitely a targeted city if Washington and globalist push for war
    against Russia.

    It’s the people of Russia who will also suffer, if the idiot’s of
    destruction have their way.

    The American people have been deceived so many times, yet like sheep they
    will stand in the fire.

    I personally hope it never happens.

    Phoenix is just of 200 target’s that are already in sequence for code

    Russia’s military might and weapons are already in position.

    The arctic circle has more than 20 of Russia’s nuclear arsenal locked and

    God help us, thank you for the reality check. 

  • FuenteVida

    now you turned into an advertising, plugin norada real estate, besides your
    ads at the start ? i am unsuscribing.

  • Kyle Hills

    If I had a say to Putin, I’d just tell him to “hang in there” wait until
    the elections. If Hillary gets in, nuke the everliving shit out of us
    because I don’t want to live in country run by Hillary Clinton. If Trump
    gets in, hopefully you’ll both be able to respectfully solve the problems.

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