The Anti Establishment Enthusiasm With Donald Trump Explained

In this video Luke Rudkowski interviews Christopher Green of AMTV about the anti establishment rise and enthusiasm for
Donald trump. We go over Trump’s latest VP controversy, the opposition against him and how the horrible actions by Hillary Clinton are turning more people towards Trump.

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  • William Roach

    I like greens old stuff his new stuff is too b******* tell him to quit
    talking about selling s*** more about news

  • Fergus o'toole

    They will threaten his life and the lives of his kid’s, i think he knows
    what he’s up against. no not really, im sure he’s already back peddling. is
    he a lincoln no i don’t think so. perhaps one of the guy’s talking. pussy
    jesus the usa are bombing the shit out of word. yes their lying, i hear
    you. It’s all going to kick the fuck off. You know it.

  • mary jane

    this guy , hes fake as fuck ! wtf he on about ? the world thinks the USA
    are pussies ? hes trying to get inside your patriotic head ! the world sees
    the usa as brutal ! they have a military post in almost every back garden
    and we know they want more. pussies ? this dude needs to get the fuck out !

  • Omar Touzani

    What is the flag of Israel doing there?
    Fuck trump, and fuck all politicians. Vote anarchy, but if you insist on
    having a master, at least vote for someone like Celente or Ron paul.

  • Leah Almirall

    Hi Luke,
    I just subscribed to your channel. I also want to say that I enjoyed
    watching this interview featuring Christopher Greene. It seems like both of
    you are on the same page and have the same thought that CROOKED LEZBO
    WHORE, ‘HILLBILLARY’ should be in jail! As far as Donald Trump is
    concerned, in my opinion, he seems anti-establishment, the opposite of them
    and against their policies. However, on the same token, I am with
    Christopher in terms of not trusting our government, especially under
    Obama, his handlers and cronies. As we all know, we live in extremely sad
    times, where it calls for desperate measures; and those desperate measures
    are for the American people to set aside their differences, come together,
    form a civilian revolution WITH A CAUSE…FOR THE PURPOSE OF OVERTHROWING
    To be honest with you, I feel as though America will turn out to be another
    Cuba or Venezuela…for our freedoms, especially the right to bear arms and
    freedom of speech is slowly being stripped away. Take care and God Bless.
    Keep up the AWESOME work!??

  • davematherly

    Luke, just a little direction here on your microphone technique… when you
    want to project loud shit like you do at the beginning, please PULL the mic
    AWAY FROM your mouth. It’ll give the same exclamation to the word, without
    popping our speakers or over loading your inputs till they clip.

  • landlogger

    Assholes get the job done. Political correctness wastes our time. I just
    wish he was more for peace and not these damn so called wars which for the
    most part is murder of civilians. When this circus is over I would ask you
    guys to get into this topic. If we say we will attack Russia it is really
    Russia’s people who are attacked and suffer immensely. There is a big
    difference between attacking Russia and the killing of its people. War with
    Russia makes it all sounds so clean and is misleading. We need to change
    the dialogue on this. Need to give a real picture and not hide behind words
    that distort the facts. 90% of All Deaths In War Are Civilianshttp:// you
    get my point?

  • The Jazz Monastery

    Good job guys. When the MSM finally and actually falls to pieces, y’all
    look perfectly poised to be on the scene. don’t get bought!

  • Dave Cutler

    Luke’s face when he hears the responses from Chris! He realises Chris is
    most probably controlled opposition!

  • james farr

    either way he’s better I wasn’t going to vote because I know it’s just 2
    evil wings of the same evil bird but love him or hate him. he has woken a
    hell of a lot of people up from there clumber. and I know there is a small
    possibility this is a giant ruse because our enemy’s have vast amounts of
    wealth and power and it is not out side there limits to put lots of money
    against him but I don’t beleave that is the case. and I hope he is not
    lieing and will follow through and put most of our government in jail. but
    if he loses everyone will be able to see it’s rigged. if he wins and
    changes I bet you it will be the straw that broke the Americans people back
    and it will get forcefully fixed. and if he wins and is executed like JFK
    that will also be a trigger point for the sleeping masses. so either way
    iam pretty sure him getting in will be a win butttttt the highest
    probability I see is we are not going to make it far enough to have an
    election. we are officially not the united states now that they let Hillary
    off the hook . and Obama has set it up so if he so chooses him staying in
    office will not be that difficult

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