BREAKING: Jullian Assange Dead Unless Proof of Life

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  • V G

    This Proof-of-lifers fell into the smear campaign against Wikileaks to
    withhold support and credibility for Wikileaks. I call this video
    utterbullshit. Sorry. You’re misinforming.

  • Nancy Nelson

    watched a YouTube video that CIA took him and now has control of wikileaks.
    writer worked for them and is running for his life. said not to send any
    info to wikileaks as they are compromised and senders can be located…just

  • Duggie West

    Stop fear mongering and stay positive. Wikileaks will continue so what does
    it matter to you. Cheap shot like the msm. You are better than this. you
    are mudding the waters. Whos side are you on, the peoples?

  • TheSharpeful

    Yes, because if some alphabet soup people were impersonating him, they
    would have a terrible time just doctoring a photo of Assange with todays
    newspaper or video for that matter… they use photoshop and paint and all

    Only a real life appearance would dispel the rumors really.

  • JD

    You should go over there Chris and DEMAND to see him, talk to some locals
    etc. be great for your channel, eat some of that shitty brittish food while
    you are there!

  • JD

    Something FISHY going on also, Alex Jones deleted his video where he was
    demanding proof of Julian as well, looks like Chris is the only one not
    compromised/threatened/paid off.

  • HHO Archived Videos

    Not back to saying stupid things again. This is what gives the alternative
    media a bad name and further injures its reputation. Real news outlets do
    NOT speculate that people are dead based purely on assumption. You have NO
    PROOF WHATSOEVER that Assange is dead yet you blather on and on about your
    conspiracy theories into why what you are saying must be true. O M G ! ! !
    Just stop, because you are looking so ridicules again that it’s not even
    funny. Just stop it. You go on and on about how OTHER alternative media
    sites were baited and went off making wild UNSUBSTANTIATED accusations
    about Pizzagate, and in the next breath, you are doing THE EXACT SAME THING
    concerning Assange! I can’t see the leader of China today, but that’s not
    proof he is dead either. Stop acting like the scarecrow from the Wizzard of
    Oz, for Christ’s sake.

  • Janet Hammons

    a couple reliable phychics have said he’s been dead for a while. they have
    a double. they’ve been buying time.

  • Jonathan Huth

    How do you know that the rt interview was prerecorded? He talked about
    having his internet cut. As I recall you said that was proof of life the rt
    interview because it talked about the internet being cut.

  • matube73

    Assange was raised for some time in a cult called “The Family” which was
    run by a women called Anne Hamilton Byrne. All the children had white hair
    and were subjected to torture and classic trauma based mind control. Some
    of the children were medicated against their will. Anne was on the board of
    the Newhaven private hospital which was closed after a royal commision into
    the death of a patient from LSD in the 1980s. Anne was close friends with
    Lord Casey, founder of ASIS, Australian secret intelligence service. Anne
    was on the run from the FBI for many years and was cleared of all charges
    after finally being caught.

  • jason valenzuela

    wiki is also part of the psyop. who cares what happened to that scum. he
    belongs with his buddies Hilary and Trump and ISRAEL

  • Cloudhost Website

    Pam Anderson was there to recon the embassy. The same day, October 16th,
    the internet was cut and he was extracted. Everything we have seen since is
    a coverup. Potential false info has been released since and whistleblowers
    have probably been identified.

  • Sugar Muffin

    Christopher you say you don’t want to investigate pizzagate because it’s a
    trap. If you choose to keep your mouth quiet about this, you do realize you
    will look pretty bad right? How can you not be all over this??

  • Muppet Slaughter

    did you not just do a video claiming he never existed? what is the issue
    with you man? you shift more than a politician.

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