Meria “Pizzagate Is A Hoax Created Up By Donald Trump’s National Security Adviser Mike Flynn.”

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  • rogermacbain

    once again Richie, you spend 2 minutes talking about the title of your
    video(click bait?) and then you go into ‘trump bashing’ for the rest of the
    show. the important thing with pizzagate is it being expose or at least the
    dark occult behaviour is. something the general pop may never think about.

    please could you get Mark Passio on your show.

  • Roman Navratil

    12:03… oh oh oho… trashing Ron Paul old lady are we… :-)… well so
    much for your credibility… and FYI i believe Ron Paul is so “nice” and
    “good” and “naive” that he actually WOULD at least attempt to investigate
    it… (trump wouldnt)

  • rickmcn1986

    The problem with pizzagate is that nothing was uncovered which you could
    really take before a judge and jury, and in the meantime they’ve obviously
    cleaned house, and they feel confident enough that there is not enough out
    there to make any sort of prosecution, that now they are going on the

  • Stephen Hand

    This woman is a David Icke disciple too? I thought this show was news &
    information. It appears like a David Icke cult. Disappointing.

  • João Oliveira

    She did not clarify anything about pizza gate. other then saying that she
    doesn’t trust it. ridiculous!… If she doesn’t know anything better don’t
    even comment it at all.

  • Stephen Hand

    Imagine a “journalist” who relies on her “intuition” for truth and facts!
    And she says she says she won’t even investigate and crosscheck what her
    inner light doesn’t confirm a priori. She says “I won’t even look at
    someone my intuition (doesn’t confirm)”.

    And Richie joins her in dumping Julian Assange?!!!

    Whatever this is, it’s not real journalism or responsible inquiry.

  • evermore8888

    OMG Richie!!!!!
    Your compass completely deserted you on this….sorry, and so sadly, yet
    again someone (you) who I thought was a truth-teller and trusted just lost
    the plot and my trust….just awful, a sickening betrayal and


    i like david icke because he never jumps to conclusions, and this woman is
    clearly not telling the truth, she’s speculating and trying to make it seem
    like a fact, it’s actually mocking my intelligence.

  • King michael

    The establishment are terrified of #pizzagate. CLEARLY REAL. The owner of
    Comet was providing children for the elite. VERY OBVIOUS.

  • busymountain

    What is your evidence for pizzagate being a false flag. Please share how
    you are vetting your conclusions. If you are for real then you should be
    able to give the evidence as to why you come to those conclusions. 9
    minutes in and no evidence presented to support her claims just calls it
    “BS”. Funny thing is your host is agreeing.

    Very adamant about everyone being deceived by Trumps people but NO EVIDENCE
    so far. I am coming away with very little confidence in this show.

    They said Pence needs to dead now. That type of reporting is charter
    assassination but not sure why she claims to have higher truths than we are

    A word to the host of this show. – we will tend to believe people that
    bring forth evidence not just smear the character of people they are
    supposed to be knowledgable about. We wonder if you too are pizzamunchers?

  • WilliamMorgan1776

    Well, i agree with her – my intuition hasn’t bought “pizzagate” for a
    second, though intellectually i’ve had a hard time with it.

  • Robert Lancey

    It doesn’t make sense to blame one person, Mike Flynn or whoever. This
    Pizzagate story is corroborated through many facts, (Comet-ping pong
    strangeness, Podesta emails, the many sources the NYPD has spoken to,
    Alefantis Facebook and Twitter page, the pedophile emblem at Besta Pizza, I
    could go on) so it makes zero sense that 1 person could create the story. I
    mean cmon really do you think we are that stupid? Richie Allen and David
    Icke’s credibility has been SERIOUSLY compromised. Damn Richie I really
    liked you too

  • Karl Johan

    Some of the Pizzarias might be distraction hoaxes. However calling
    Pizzagate, as a whole, a hoax is just plain SHILL.

    I’m looking forward to find out what has been going on with Richie Allen
    because, judging on his personality and main topics, this interview is mind

  • misspaanwallah

    Is she claiming the emails are falsified? On what authority? I dont
    understand how she can say its a hoax. Surely it needs investigation. Some
    of the emails are very fishy and add to that the twitter posts of
    Alefantis….wtf? I think it is VERY irresponsible to simply dismiss it.
    Please explain to me the email to Podesda from the woman inviting him and
    saying her children will definitely be in the heated pool??mentioning their

  • Robert Lancey

    I’m about to cry I swear. Richie Allen, I thought you were one of the good
    guys. I look forward to your show every time I go online. I looked forward
    to hearing your voice! I was recently all telling my friends and family
    that Richie Allen was the good guy, the guy you could trust. Richie Allen,
    I looked up to you man! I’m sitting here crying like a girl because you let
    me down. Damnit man I really trusted you and looked up to you and I’m an
    independent 30 year old heterosexual. I’m so sad Richie how could you do
    this. Mike Flynn created it? That’s insulting I hope you live a happy life
    farewell Richie

  • Jason Howdon

    My concern with Maria Heller would be, using her words, that something
    doesn’t feel right. The accusations she made against Trump (and I am not a
    Trump fan) are all Legacy Media accusations, many of which have been firmly
    debunked. We know, for example that violence at Trump rallies was bought
    and paid for by Soros and the Democratic machinery (see Project Veritas).
    Maria is entitled to her opinion and we are to ours, but I don’t understand
    why Richie feels the need to respond to some of this abuse. Rise above it,
    don’t take it personally. Maria and David go back a long way so it’s
    understandable but you are better than this surely.
    I know you don’t agree with all your guests and as a long time listener I
    have to say that I was unimpressed by her take on events. that doesn’t mean
    she’s a ‘shill’ it just means she doesn’t like Trump and might be letting
    that get in the way of her judgement.
    So for f**k’s sake calm down!
    And keep up the great work appreciated by many

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