TURKEY COUP: What You Need to Know

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  • Conspiracy TV

    Oh look here two of the biggest truther frauds in one video. How cute.

    How come neither of you guys ever covered that Sandy Hook was a hoax? Let
    me guess. Cause you’re both shills?

  • Zachary Angel

    I live in Middle East I know Erdogan is not the same guy what you guys
    think , Erdogan is a fucking genius guy who is using his strategies in
    order, one making Refugee go to Europe in order to invade it , second his
    having more control in the government so he will become the Sultan or
    dictator , and you guys instead of throwing hate comments do something
    about it , oh well I’m just a normal Muslim who is giving you warnings ,
    Erdogan is the rebuilding the Islamic Empire.

  • River City MOVERS (Michael Anenberg)

    You guys need to join forces. Get on Network Television……and become the
    new Woodruff and Bernstein. Really? Bring down that criminal Hillary Rodman
    Clinton! Handcuff her!

  • Gavin Betts

    What Luke Rudkowsk says in this interview does not resonate with me, either
    he doesn’t have the correct information or he is way off base. sorry

  • fknpoewnd

    How is Turkey supporting ISIS if ISIS has bombed them in 2015 and 2016.
    This guy can’t even pronounce the name of Erdogan and makes all these
    assumptions without making any sense because Erdogan has stated many times
    to infiltrate Syria to get rid of ISIS. Turkey is a muslim country but the
    people who created ISIS and is behind ISIS are not even muslims. There is
    also a reason why ISIS never did anything to Israel.

    fknpoewnd hard hitting in your face!

  • Midas Haltzern

    Its fake. The turk president fabricated it to gain more power and it
    worked. We have another regime in the middle east.

  • 03msanch1

    Hey Steve with all due respect I disagree with you on this one.
    Erdogan has been portrayed in the media as a monster, NATO are now saying
    that their membership could be revoked and the eu membership could be
    stopped if the death penalty goes through.
    I think the us planned this because the west and the us are against him,
    turkey are leaning towards the east and have already mended relations with
    Russia. Russia now understands that the plane shot down was not authorised
    by turkey but by this small faction of kamal ataturk supporters and you can
    now see that turkey and Russia are back to normal in terms of relations and
    economic ties.
    Erdogan is dancing with the devil and may appear as a monster in the
    mainstream media but he truly is a smart politician and setting the stage
    for the east to be united and strong under one banner. The banner is simply
    standing against the people who are destroying these world and its good
    people. Chris I agree with you with probably 99% but not on this.

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