Milo Yiannopoulos @Nero Responds To Being Permanently Blocked On Twitter

In this video Luke Rudkowski attends the Gays For Trump party where Milo Yiannopoulos gave a statement just after finding out that he was permanently banned from twitter. Milo or @nero which many people knew him from on twitter was banned after making critical comments about the new ghostbusters movie co star Leslie Jones.

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  • Paint Pastel Princess

    oh no!!!. Milo can’t troll people relentlessly to the point they’re
    suicidal anymore. Must be a leftist conspiracy .

  • RC Model Planes

    Swedish authorities will refuse his entry into the Country …

    … that would be my prophesy as to what is happening next week.

    There is no way that they’ll permit a march, such as Milo is planning.

  • Successfully Puzzled

    why do homosexuals act like preppy girls? Because they’re acting… FAKE –
    down right sickening……

  • chairwood44

    Why even make a video in this guy? He’s right wing. Fuck right and fuck
    left. I thought this channel is about change not the status quo. Luke
    please do not get caught up in this left vs right bullshit. #TheVenusProject

  • this one

    Have you ever visited those communist and terrorist supporter accounts of
    twitter execs? it feels vomiting, like Google, facebook, yahoo, youtube and
    the rest. where is the alternative media? I am sure this is as low as the
    North Korean government standards. @jack did this personally. Imagine how
    socialist he was burning inside until now. Does Microsoft or apple have a
    social service? are they leftist?

  • Dr. Armin A. Kojim

    What did Milo even do?

    He mentioned Leslie Jones in his review of Ghostbusters: “Patty is the
    worst of the lot. The actress is spectacularly unappealing, even relative
    to the rest of the odious cast. But it’s her flat-as-a-pancake black
    stylings that ought to have irritated the SJWs.”

    This allegedly sparked a “racist hate campaign” against Jones and Milo got
    banned because of it. Calling someone”unappealing” means you’re literally
    Hitler nowadays…. wow…

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