Mark Passio, Marty Leeds – The Marty Leeds’ Mathemagical Radio Hour S2 Ep. 04

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  • Nate Daren

    Mr. Passio is the bees’ knees! His interview with Alfred a few weeks back
    was replayed more than thrice. Eric Dubay ain’t too shabby himself, perhaps
    a congruence can be reached between these folk. I’m going to shut my trap
    and listen now, thank you Marty.

  • tinfoilhatter

    ah,it’s kinda like jordan maxwell,he repeats himself virtually verbatim no
    matter when or where he speaks,it seems to me,of course,it takes time for
    stuff to ‘sink in’….
    but that’s great,mark’s great,if he’s really not a darkie anymore…!
    this looks like a great show and thank you for doing it!

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