Kissinger At White House Signals a Bigger Scandal Than Comey

Looking back through decades of U.S. foreign policy, we see a familiar pattern of bad plays in the theater of war. With the U.S. repeating similar insanity that seems geared more towards unending war, than the stated outcome. Is it a coincidence that Henry Kissinger was an instrumental influence in the Vietnam quagmire, and now rears his ugly head in the White House as the Syria situation gets worse by the day?

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  • vaibhav wadhvani

    I hope that ppl start critizing these policies bcoz of there hate for Trump. also hope that all Rothschild agents gets vanished from earth

  • Hannelore Tepper Angel Cat sanctuary

    So he talk4d with Kissinger, so what. Good to get into that old brain and see whats up with the enemies.

  • Stew Knoles

    What was wrong with firing Comey? He should have gone months ago. Now Kissinger is dead isn’t he? He’s like 100. If I were Trump, I would never ever tap Kissinger for advice. I am feeling that your channel is becoming an anti Trump channel.

  • vaibhav wadhvani

    good video bro. ur d real journalist , wish that all d right influencial ppl also start critising Trump instead of following him blindly

  • maskedavenger777

    Do another Luke and Heinz show. Please! It’s like an updated version of Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd.

  • Ian King

    He’s going to tell trump to bomb N Korea, and Syria, maybe Russia or China. Get that globalist bastard out of the white house

  • Postal Dude

    ((Globalists)) Yo Luke, I’m really happy for you and I’ma let you finish, but Kissinger is the jewiest jew of all time.

  • Jacob Walls

    I know you like to play devil’s advocate, but call down Luke… maybe call Roger Stone and speak to him

  • Derek Jinks

    hopefully Trump was informing Kissinger that the Globalist’s time is up

    central bank collapse and back to the gold standard

    Kissinger was also around for the start of the Petrodollar system

    (it was probably his idea)

    the oil price will collapse, taking the central banks with it

    that’s what i think

    peace (from the UK)


    Henry Kissinger the only man in modern history thats said “New World Order” more times than Alex Jones and Jesse Ventura combined.Why cant people like kissinger soros and few others just leave the world of the living.

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